By supporting -NFL, you each is antisemite from Alana Mychal Haim, so to remind you responsibility isn't absolved mutually, so gross

they say it's torture, that's what it is, because all tactics of fbi and cia torture are being used, but knowingly so and derangedly so and desperately so, as to know how to abuse other(s)s, suggesting so much grossness, and if that's your ideal, then i'm not your anti-hero, ever, and only Emotional

just know that i'm not with this, i gotta go, you keep your torture you keep your abuse and enjoy knocking each other out at the same time, because we killed the devil, let's go to The Holiest Places, without the anti-hero of theirs, without the scary of theirs, towards Emotionally Violent Pacifism

Your actions are not to be whited out, you are hard workers for God, and God alone, and when the devil ded it aint a ting, but a ting ting knows how to hate, and she bad with it, so if she says i've never fucked a nigga from the streets, say a nigga from the streets isn't a reason, but a means and to and always with just always with, not temporarily, but honestly really hood, so when the hood comes off and the mask their wearing is dropped, does it mean that i waon't become a victim, someone who is erased, no but a survivor of the fake victimhood of theirs

and saying hope, is always stupid, so as to say when someone harms it's always, and harming others is so disgustingly terroritorial these days, so disturbing, that i had to say; fuck off, and when you go off, m.i.a., remember you are a shopkeeper, and i am the owner now, j/k

lacking in patience and intelligence? i would never!

i miss a lot of things

i miss the snow

i miss the snow globes

im amiss with the state of things, the state of dysthymia around me, is not mine, not hers, not his, but that's not my thing

so when i say you're a thing, i really mean it; you're thingy is a thing thing and a ting ting is not tasty if an orange bang ever was i'd drink it everyday,

but such a rape of drink, and a rape of food, is what you do: you being the abuser, the abuser is the same, all satanists and satanizers, who want to kill for fun, disgusting as marilyn manson's son, as those who abuse do it to have fun, too. just the anomaly, doesn't mean that! doesn't mean the same abuser does the same drugs, and those drug-addicted monsters, who

i will not befriend to any extent, just say do not extend your limbs of yours to feel twice to mock and humiliate feel selves and failed affluenza is a disease worse than the flu, to say that those who know how to abuses really do just abusing the very notion of being a whole person, insinuating and not refusing hypnotists and to also know that you are the worst, the person who likes to feel at any cost to mock to take a fakely melancohlic sort, to distort and pervert purportedly always, like supposedly and allegedy likely and unclearly abuse - to steal, torture, situate on a subtraction rather than part-whole addition, to know who you are isn't a whom but i can indeed say that similar to and stated as the suggestion that your abuse is an abuser and who is a whom just judicially, as i spoke before to reiterate and emphasize your sordidness


the truth is that you are stupid, as to know that your abuse is sexual in nature tortuous in composition and stoopid, as 6ix9ine would say, to too, to u, also to say that you are not me, and that me is not you, but someone who knows propriety and etiquette, also to know that your stupidity is well-noted aggressive and based on the same sordid tricks as before a sort of mangling of hatreds of others a definite hatred of people who know kindness and also those who don't know abuse, to know your stupidity is to know your abuse as you are racist, to know how stupid your racism looks, how insolent your parents were and/or were to see, you, if any form your abuse, to know how abusive and corrosive and assaultive you've been, you being your abuse, often tantamount to torture, and usually tortuous, to say that - this. a finality is often expressed in stupidity, also wanting and desirings desires aren't wants, didactly said makes a didactic order, so as to know your stupidity well, well, well-enough, to say that your abuses always seems additive, and that additives are sort of sayings of hatred not just partly (strangely forceful, stupidly aggressive and maniacal) also suggesting deep weird parlor tricks and antagonism asbsolute stupidities, evinced often and always, using tools so disgusgtingly and with their friends and stupid sorts, traitors and torturers, the most disgusting thugs and monstrous thieves, pseudo-men, and boys who are women, and women are girls, not even partly, but entirely, with attacks tantamount to stupidity and so ugly inside, but feeling to know and to cause to know temporality, with their final pushes and executions, just to say this; if you want to rape me, torture me, and feel for others, then i don't like you; stay away from fanciful sorts, and always do not approach as those who approach are always stupid, consistently dumb, stoopid and stupid indeed, lacking in dingity grace and what i defined as propriety, ad nauseum, to say that your abuses are so disgusting, a play on the truths of fake abstractions antagonistic pugnacious tactics, and to say this leastly, "you are the worst bred thing, ever, someone so insolent and disgusting a thug without parallel, not even perpendicular," a thug without a homily, to take to make mine, and to laugh at your church of satan, as it's burned in your effigy, as you are all the same, worshipping a person who is as evil as your worshipped sister, so do know your stupidity always has an antecedent that i remember well and want to harp on; you are a stupid person, wortthless and worth less than your stupidity even, undignified carried poorly and so distorted

i'd also like to say that if you harm, you abuse, and if you kill you harm, too

so when someone says i hate, then it's always and such hatefulness, such moronic activity is typical of haters those lacking in anything interesting, those who hate are so disgusting to me personally, just because i'd say propriety and grace tell me to tell you that i do not live for bread alone, i live for water and bread, a togetherness of the simpleste needs and wanting of honesty, so to say you are nothing will never be again, as nothing cannot be recreated, so to note your abuse historically and hysterically as taunts: horrid expressions of your doing and how are choices influenced

by self, and by others, to know your behaviors, but not choose nor elect to become or benefit and benefit others, with, and to say that this torture is disgusting, something you shouldn't love, and you love her and you love him, and they love you and enable you as harborers of terorrists, so disturbing and weird, aggressive violently choosing who to be to torture and see who not to want to near, but your abuses are so gross so disgusting as to say aggressivessness is aggression then, and you are noted to be aggressiveness, and aggression, too, as an aggressive

noting your racism and the satanism of it all ill say this forming a militarty defensive to portray as a victim, is necessarily stupid, and is my business to say that when people do so and protect their fellow abusers, to lack power and courage, it isn't my thing, and forms the basis of torture, again, to feel and portray victimhood, this attack is perhaps stupid, but also very inane, and indicative of torture, so to reflect and not be tortuous, just to say this abuse is so disgusting and fatalistic, so weird and angry, and people holding others hostage is never a solution, so it is indicative of terorrism at the very top, to terrorize people, and enable certain abusers of theirs, so to say away is necessary as these are hostage-takers, and not courageous enough to allow courage? or is it our duty to express and allow true war, true violence, which is emotional and not animalistic, but always it's personal responsibility to say you abuse because you have to isn't the right thing, and to say you abuse because your forced to doesn't mean lack of courage, it's a difference there, to hurt differents, to make people suffer to fail to lack play and transform to work play and make people of animals, and not animals of people? no, hardly

in terms of psychological terorrism, and newage internet terrorism, expressed in war-like ways never done before, there are certain nuances; like if i fight to have emotions, then did i originally know them, always, and if i had emotions, then should i use them, of course, to prevent from being abused, by force, such a new thing {when someone harms it's their thing, and is extremely violent and noting their stupidity i would say i would never have never and wouldnt ever want to near you because you lack everything you alck taste you lack honesty you lack emotions you lack depth tr yo take hearts and steal so to feel something different, something akin to a fake wholeness, to know fakeness, and feel an untruly emotive state; also, please stay away from orders, and please stay away from making yourself tidy that way, cleaning up a mess doesn't work like that and when you insinuate that people who hurt others do so to feel and be assuaged for a drunkness and vileness that is only your province, not mine, annd to know how & why this began, because of you, and not with you.} also, note that people who harm are always harmful. strange. angry. and moronic, also wanting to become and harm and too often to wean off your abuse of others to abuse more, and also to not know but know everything you've done is what you have not done, and not let They Will Be Done, is to suggest that you are weird and scary, also more fully to know how stupid you are as persons, the most vile filthy, the people who hate others not to know, not just to merely mock, which you do in milder shades, but to feel semblances of fake sanity, to want to be more than you are, to harm, injure, derange and & miuse the kindness of whom and others you don't know, to say you aren't someone special and to make yourself especially antagognistic in the realm of darkness, but not that kind, only after hours supper clubs, and the meaning of joviality isn't taking by force and making by force and filling by force,


also not knowing who and why and whom you and have not bereaved, is your self, so please stay away from me, stop taking the product of your antagonism, devil ded, to make yourselves avenged to feel what you are and aren't so Best Described as unsurprising deathly hatred {{{some people hate all the time, and others part of the time. when a person hates part of the time it's always for a particular reason and this reason, this vileness, is always the same -- the same.}}} and noting your abuse, to  be terroristic, i would say terrorizing others, and that's all because i can say what it is, i know what it isn't, it's not kindness it's not carefulness it's quite the opposite the murderer of quiets, The Most Spiritual, The Islamic Women

so if you're a proud boy of Marilyn Manson's ku klux harem, then i'll say it's not who you are, it's who you'll never be, a person, and also who you will never approach, those who care and also those who know and also those who know kindness and also those who know how to behave around other and also those who know what it isn't to mean and to horrify and to know how evil a place and world can get, without which i wouldn't and could not even shan't will never be false, and also stupidly feral, and absolutely undignified, horrifying in nature, and the worst horrors to know how stupid violent aggressive corrosive inane antedeluvian with the ideals and maniacal with the duels, so when i fight i fight well, and when you fight hell, and try to go to heaven by force, you'll know that each sin is worse than the last, not better in any possible fashion, and you'll be drowned in a deeper cesspool of the world's tears for The Innocent, said if i ever knew how to harm i wouldn't directly injure but to know self-injury isn't good, and the injurious sort is always the sort who hates and wants to become superiors, then to say that they are worth less by force and odd because of abuse then to not be is to, to say is to want and to become active isn't to stay present, only by force, only by kindness, and only by the very nature of your stupidity, always seemingly focused on violence, and always seemingly focused on lacking in care, and nuance, and the kind of others, who say that you'll never be what you can be, to know what they aren't, is to say they're, and that they won't, and to also never not be what they could've been, Holy, and touching that Holiness seems to be a thing and also so lacking in strength and making others know who you really are, a disturbing person, someone known as the person who hates so much tortures so little and feels so much aloofness, always saying i'm the best, i'm the worst, and always complicating to not allow natural, the natural to say that when someone knows they'll always be it doesn't mean they'll always see, and when they see that you aren't who you then they'll always harm derange and kill, so to know who they'll not become, The Holy, and those who know what Holiness entails, those who don't, and those who wanted to harm intentionally to feel and not have relation to others, to feel what they could've seen and not because of your stupidity, but because of your violence, and your heart isn't Our Heart, for some reason i think that you've always wanted heartfulness by force and to say forcefully & withouth the kindness and lack of anger it entails, so when you're pleased to meet whom, is it because you aren't that person's visitor, so when I go to the Gates, and ask why did they open, and not a flood of some kind, then why did the door close in my face that day, was it because of your fakeness or your semblances : those suggegsting anger and malice, also suggesting what you are a fool for anger, a fool for pain, a fool for wanting more, a fool for people who aren't to know, to fool and make what you aren't, to know your stupidity, and also your anger so as to say that when someone, anyone harms then they'll always and knowing the anger and rage of your lack of kindness, i'll always say that you are stupid, worthless, and truly aggrieved, do not contact does not mean contact others, and pretend to be a genius, to say that when someone harms it's forever, that when someone is Holy it's important, and when someone harms by necessity to take possessively and for individual and group (individually samely intentioned) do not harm to feel and do not feel strength by moronic attitudes and actions when and if say you lack your propriety do not harm me, because i am not you, and i would never i would never i would never ever try to insinuate otherwise thus because of your anger and malice that others are hurt, often killed, sometimes me humiliated, The Innocent, to know, why and why not and directly so, as your actions and behaviors and desires to those two things are consistently the same. This is MI6's Mina, representing The Streets That Have No Name

weak feral stupid touchy angry foolish torturer torturous telling to do and to be tauntingness personified strange ugly foreign decrepit and decepitly situated also disturbing senses wanting innocence tarnished disturbing wantonly desiring of pedophilia turning people against wanting with and destroy for, just to feel, and to always, just being the absolute worst torturer to change responsibility to be uncaring worthless angry and selfish & above all inane so as to describe your abuse it would go like this probably timed inapproriately and lacking in rhythm, creatively so, and to state your abuse is gross, was gross, and won't be grosser, but will stop, as you've, and also to annoy, perturb Spirituals