the retarded (mentally, psychiatric term effect) boy does have seemed to have remerged as scary! he wants to wantonly kill, as a terrorist, against a religious institution, against someone with no reason and devoid of empathy, clearly aggressive, manic, scary, abusive, and psychopathic, and in need of 30mg, at once! I have room to negotiate. But I am in a position to abuse, so I will actually say you are stupid, inept, diseased, unworthy, spiritually empty, without heart (but in a way that's watched over, hopefully? but it is, and it is not, and it is, and it isn't

I don't lie and love to be corrected, so I can fix things and I wouldn't dumbly, wrongly hurt someone, ever? The letter beginning with "i spy," any mention of weapons is scary! and needs never to be contacted, but caught on Candid Camera, and I had to chime in. This immediately drew attention, but was thanked afterwards because the ATTACHMENT wasn't noticed! Thanks for letting me know, as the hired person by whomever you don't know, but you can assume, and assume, AND PLEASE PROVIDE THE TIME AND DATE, because these can't be determined, you little pos dum-dumbest A :) foolish inept thing a sex-ego-drug-driven-self-hating pos who kills and abuses wantonly Little Smalls (do not throw that, because that is there WHERE

you wait so I do and I have to because you make me for me to ask, then i'll seem aggressive, but I'm not, unlike you - a stranger who invades and pillages (pill-ages, funny), but hope remains, and will, and it isn't in this dusty Earth (Universe), it's God's hope for us to be Godly, so I will be and will remain and will amend if I haven't been and will improve if I have

don't support no one who bosses me around and thinks i'm stupid, because intimidation and scaries ain't kewl foo!

hi. i'd like to report a war crime (illegal crime committed at time of war, against suggested soul-s, ongoing misinformation, truly). you are racists. plain and simple. you didn't make me look stupid, you manipulated language, you lied, you covered things up, you made me appear as a "terrorist," who needs drugs, and someone who cannot handle himself, and needs to be enslaved and drugged into being enslaved, you cowards, who run away like the DEVIL does, and you are DEVILS, not GODLY as I will stay permanently.

deflecting responsiblity AND lies are cowardly, so don't even try, and you DEVILS got caught, bitch, by the GODLY

you even tried the old racist trope, that you aren't victims of, that you've tried to erase and replace, that the victim is the perpetrator, and they will laugh at the victimhood and openly mock it, then dumbly, falsely cower away. they will wear masks, bad ones, they will wear the same uniforms, they will torture, and fakely escape

they will make you the victim, deserving of their punishment, and dumbly evade, making you wallow in the subjugation they are directly and continually responsible 4, and will use TRICKS and OLD ABUSE TACTICS to foolishly KILL, acting like saints, but their wings are only for pictures

but you know what? GODLY do not partake in this, and KNOW that the DEVILS die bc GOD

ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY, and that isn't staring and saying i'm sorry, it's FULL-BLOWN SELF-RETALIATION

you guys don't worry, it doesn't affect you. you are not victim. you are aggressor, you don't defend, you don't give a fucking damn, and i don't tolerate racist shit, any weird bullshittery (people who like to torture not for fun but to scream White Power, dummy)

the government, which controls the internet, doesn't even take this shit down! and no one cares to in power! anyway, you ain't the victim, you aren't full, you aren't partial, you side with the White superior, to enslave those held captive (those held down, by necessarily perverted peddlers of misinformation - soulless DEVILISH DEVILS, unlike me, GODLY)

it is a dangerous climate. it has proven a racist climate, here, as proven, and an atmosphere of hate permeates, against someone who is a known victim!

by the way, i trust amnesty international, hate hurting ANYONE, and no one should be destroyed, nor anything, but PLEASE DON'T be angry, aggressive weirdos, ANYONE, and please don't abuse souls for fun (and I don't assist anything associated with a fucking "racist")