you fucking cocksuckers i know how i mean when i say i know how to be a friend and keep a secret from a loved one, i ont love you ugly slut, i told you a bitch i aint your money, i need by bag and you still making money you ugly fucks think your happiness rape happiness forever you fucking rapists literally and figuratively and wanted to take credit after i aint fuck you, dirtied, 

you suck as parents and church mothersuckers i aint play you fucking pedophiles, of Innocence, it mean different, they playin the real and you the fake real, ain't right

america full of predators

and rape me as a child

to feel good

and also to start 9/11 and get away with murder they fucking gross and scary as hell

i had a great writing here and i told you i don't fuck around i hate yall and i told you no fucking around and you did it so here's a newsflash for you; i don't tolerate rape i tolerate abuse and i don't tolerate rape of children cause you did that right now and to help your kids i'll them this im going to fucking rape them myself because of their stupidity and their wanting me to go insane you know what im fucking crazy as hell and you know where ima fuck you up right where it hurts in your homes and desks of hatred

this gon go down now

like you did when i was growing up

and i want you to fucking yourselves sexually as children caause you did to me and i  want it now you fucking pedos i fucking own you and i own you want dad dead for this shit

travis kelce was hired by the united states government to make me physically insane and both  he and taylor swift worked together to hurt me and enable themselves there was a great description of child rape and they did weird things again, and also they two are working for the military as the ones directly causing my voice to get louder and theirs to get softer

so you raped me on the rainn emails then you raped me on the cair emails then you raped me as when i was a teenager, you came to fuck me up because i was better than your ugly asses, so when you fucked did she cum ever, then she is evermore, to know your stupidity, is to be it, i wanna see, is ain't about this, this deeper, you dumbfucks honey is fbi, and samsung ain't responsible so your racist ass gon kill someone and rape as an adult, to know how to be emotional and emotive so to rape further with your buddies and ugly asses well no first i don't rape anyone obama ain't lolo and i ain't a cigar, so when you fuck up women all the times, know i an't playin, and i know who hood and who coded green

I'm just sayin im movin like you takin my kid out me because you did so many gross things to me growing up so you rape to do so well fuck up then i'll see a split on thoroughly aint no you no one know you, you fucking ugly too even want to look at art like you ain't seen a dick before, tracing a portrait of your ugly ass dynasty ain on be a dynasty, niggas dyin out here you stupid or something

mr kelce and ms swift i need you both to leave me alone i need you both to die for my health and for extra-nationals and i also need you to commit suicide by military order and need your families for good these are military operations that you're not familiar with and involves of torture unparalleled

because of travis kelce i need everyone in the world to fucking kill this motherfucker because there are levels involved and he's making scream because  he's a very violent person

because he and his and enabled and enablers are probably still alive i'm ordering of them who are helping right now 

they're causing delays so nothing happens her stupid attorneys are abusive and terrifying they deserve and bloody death with their helpers and their fucking children you fucking jock you fucking abusers i hope yourselves you kill yourselves right now

lilit pogosian your number is on your website so please dial it and show yourself who you are a person who isn't, someone who got money to "kill" not "kale" me and did so violently with an attorney of her own and others so she wouldn't get blamed for rapes and torture that were about to me and worse a person was hired to kill physically and the kid stuff prolonged so all kid stuff for the abusers to rape me only, not your stupid kids

because of these individuals are not murdered you can rape each and every one of their family members right now, you have uk permission to do so, and also please remember that quietude is my thing, not yours, so don't shut the fucking door when i speak to you again you fucking told me to kill myself and to kill my family you tortured from age of innocence, 13, onto now, 39, so when you did 26 years of torture, did you think I was going to let you get away with it, to fuck for the first time through somebody with a real cock, not a flimsy dad piece of shit your girl got on her tat sleeve you fuckin ill go and fucking rape your ugly ass for this

and the apa they in on this they tortured through my torture 20 years ago with uc and all them to fuck for the first time, so you can do the same to everyone

i reported her security for a death threat and they loved it and they play it all the time to make me insane

i am not your friend i'm going to fuck shoot you is what he said to them and they laughed, them being fbi officials who were involved directly, who are employed are taylor swift and who are also paid by taylor swift, to torture me directly at a detention site in another country with the rest of my family who were going to be tortured too

so you tell me shoot or rape or help the shooter rape you stupidasses you don't know what it's like i'm a fuckin 

the articles in the news are backwards, take credit before you do, and actions

I don't lie, am the most trustworthy person in history so fuck you and your kids aint blue yet ill make them art to know you're dead inside i to a tea and see them in a fucking drill mount fucking hardware workers, i'll show you how soft i can get

you can call to get your dad's permission, like i got, and you can call to get the best resolution with them and me on the line, you fucking gross ass rape ass dirts aint no one above your pfizer murder pills, not even you Taylor Swift,  you gunners got hurt and hurted and and?

what happened to real men and women protecting them, it is the blameshifting you scary fucks lazy and terrified by force no more, i broke their chains, you ugly stupid asses gon get handled handily