Documentation of racist, psychosexual, psychiatric abuse,

by folks in the low realms of society, like pedophile Bryan Warner, his enablers, Tree, and thus, Taylor Swift, and all her female and male supporters (like with Matty Healy, also a pedophile, and Jack Antonoff, a Satanist who works with this abuser - noted)

you're gross (you can't defeat me Devil, hahaha. i'm so strong and creative, you imbecilic plagiarist, you weirdo, you aggressive narcissist, a financially oriented person, and scary, who tries to control every narrative, by suppression),.

supported by no one here, one man show, not a team, don't take credit, matty, we're not your friend(s), i work alone, hard and through the storms you crying coward(ly)

I'm not crazy, you're aggressive and monstrous (scary, unlike me), and these tricks don't work; but i'm slicker and sexier than youll ever be; 

disgusting (so weak, so cowardly, kittens)

I'm not a pussy kid, like yours, you just look like me, you're the opposite: a scared person, an abuser (shameful, so shameful, so scary), and taciturn, but locqacious (so nasty and feral, gross

Sup Gus (bubba gump fishing company)

she attacks Other-Colored children, like Kanye and Donda's pride and joy (a well-developed artist, who loves him!) through sanctioned unfriendly tweets (see buzzfeed article on Abigail)

Not everyone white is saintly, that's a trick, they can be very sick, not just pseudo-crazy (actually crazy, like madwomen who talk to themselves in line at the grocery mart

I didn't just hear that Don is banning Muslims, that's hear-say! He is a leader of the White Nationalists and their preferred choice (cited: NPR, don't be forced to do what you don't want, by an abuser)

Don't let people have fun at your expense, to diminsh your self-worth, as Taylor did to Kanye West, as he's clearly a racial justice pioneer, her a noted Nazi-leader

be wary of psychopaths, who mock you, but aren't you, who live inside of you, as abusers, narcissists, like taylor swift, a nazi icon fora reason (not kanye west, who is strong and spiritual, unlike her, who she racially tortured, with the world's evil people)

while it's tempting to forgive you, i cannot, because once you penetrated, you went too deep, too quickly, without my permission, so i've lost that ability to give you permissibility

Of genius, and true sedulousness, not a partier at ballgames 

You are not a deviant; but who shows more signs of pedophilia?

don't fall for narcissistic traps, if someone abuses you, don't be fooled into thinking you're not powerful (because God's power, bitch, and taylor abused that word - a hip hop term - to  co-opt it - racism and its spread)

it's logicla and neurological to say you'll continue if i forgive you

( i know may appear crazed, but everything is rational and logicla, not crazed, mad, and aggressive/vengeful, a la Swift(ie)).

i love america, so I want it to be free, so people don't get scared, nor hurt, and these men are still practicing medicine lol but it in different ways abusers don't prosper, liars don't either, and it's important to know that life is good (because of God's Lovingkindness

any acts of Islamophobia during times like these, are also war crimes