if the people get angry don't yell

if the people don't sell weed don't try to buy it

don't get upset

do get angry

don't allow themselves on you

do allow hatred of them

don't make them feel superior

do respect yourself, you are worthy, timeless....and so on


Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin McCarty authored a 2015 bill to require the attorney general to take away investigations of police shootings from local district attorneys, who, he said, have an inherent conflict of interest.

"You know, if you're at a high school baseball game looking out there and seeing the umpire is the uncle of one of the star players, are you going to trust that umpire to call balls and strikes fairly? The answer is no," said McCarty.

Harris opposed the bill, and it died. She also declined to support another bill requiring police officers to wear body cameras, even though she was the first to mandate them at a state agency, the California Department of Justice.

Still, her opposition to statewide legislation didn't sit well with the California Legislative Black Caucus. They saw her as on the wrong side of the fight.

Sen. Holly Mitchell, a Los Angeles Democrat and member of the Legislative Black Caucus, told the Los Angeles Times in 2016 that Harris' "absence is noticeable," adding that "people are looking to her for guidance and direction."

why that happened two times, because she doesn't give a damn, and Kamala Harris is a cop, who advocates for war, acting helpless, and not a strong woman, more like Doug Emhoff, who talks more, she's completely absent, but not really, gross

As California's attorney general, Kamala Harris is the top law enforcement officer of the nation's most populous state, and she's a formidable presence.