i saw a nigga like you in third grade an he look like a nigga from a broken home and a broken neck thats what youre giving me while im getting neck and respect from the best and moana with a fucking dick wtf is this you won get shot ain no one left? obviously it's just y'all y'all need therapy, i told yall i do not take it easily i get very upset sometimes and sometimes i break things like your system aint workin then i workin with you i work against you, fucking weirdos, resort to the last check to get a dollar bill that aint right and also makin money aint pushin weight yall need to leave me alone and go fuck each other or something 

put down your fucking computer this is an order

the last order is to become the school shooters so pathetic, making me treat them while you eat turkey and ask your dad if ham was a murderer was she dry or dark, so when you go it's like a bitch moves, half and full, it don't make sense, makes me want to puke all over your kids and goodness, your stupidity americans

we will make it yes squad of terrors and boring pedos and rich guys and yes we will play castlevania 2340 and yes with the schools support and the support of the local militia!

you ain no school shooters, you pussy and left a nigga to fucking handle your school shooters again, some you, most aint different not really but it insignificant

it ain't ok with me to be fucking up things weirdly to call bizarre and that mean it mean more to me than you, yours and more to know it mean i wanna fucking know why you're doing that and how to stop no one wants that hacker code you got fbi and cia over the years illegally i just need you to act maturely, with manners, no torture, just can i call mi6 for you?

it feel like im buyin taylor swift eras seats like the nosebleeds even those would be so fun i can't wait to bring dan and monica it will be so fun to get fucked up and scream at the top of our lungs and no beer but like party dressing it's so fun i got some cool ideas like you dress in a fucking statue of liberty and you a cactus and see who has an orgasm first, the bitch who fucked up and the bitches who love to fuck to fuck others up, every one of you fucking disgusting