because of the degree of racism of those individuals and corporate partners, this will be noted as a hate crime; you will not touch my friend, my lover, my bestie, you will not be famous, you will be dead in the morning -

so with those governing correctly, to be described as those with Thee, who know propriety are to handle this correctly, with aplomb as specified, do not get near me, do not get near us, racists don't survive, abusers will not abuse and manipulate innocent children, Taylor Swift you will be tortured for your abuses of children, as they are entirely or were entirely innocent, and all you satanists the same, disgusting, pussies, we don't fight like that, we fight properly, to defend Us, Our Children, The Innocent, who are the Strongest, as described, and We're So Proud Of Each Other

The United Kingdom does not play rescuer, and will only be here for The Innocent, as it proceeds with military action against these cowards, so as to protect and free others of protection, correctly, so they're left to wallow by their spoiled pussy asses, with nothing, while We Will Take Everything, not by force, Forcefully

it's not that The Innocent cannot defend themselves, it's those wearing the masks, those who do not allow them to be defended To Stop Abusers, the masquerade isn't today, it's tomorrow and now

They are satanists, Man$ons and $wiftys, not in some cult not stupid, but just like Hitler's inner circle, evincing itself, you don't fight with guns you fight with guns and guns are fun because you fight with them to fight with fists not guns is stronger which? words or fists? is a fist in the ass worse or anal feeding of an Islamic Virginal Woman, so unlike you, so Pure and Innocent, unlikely to be interesting so abusive and disgusting, enabled and enabling terroristically, so to stop at once