A person is not a person if not a man, as this person was a man, not a person, saying he was there for the wrong reason, and it was not a psychiatrist, but an FBI official, working directly with UC Irvine to kill me, and to throw me in, not at UCLA, but into jail, as that was a false pretense, to know why this person was there, is related, to no one then, to say this abuse was ordered by the FBI’s unit in Orange County, and the family involved, was not tortured, but said to be tortured, and used that excuse to propagate lies, to abuse strangers, and to know end, saying this is indeed strange is to say the least, as stranger things kinds don’t hurt others, however one man does, and was informed originally, this about a lot of things, including not knowing where you are is a problem, however the solution is always the same i was there then and with whom, to suggest a deep connection a deep anger and a deep malice, also noticing such would say this individual was ordered to kill me, unfortunately not successfully to know why and to know whom was involved is extremely important if not crucial, so to know end. Would say that this person? This man? Is whom? Is where? And why? Also, to suggest insanity, as a means to torture, also noting that happened twenty years ago, at the home, not at the house, saying he was there, with him, on false pretense, and to bear witness, to know why that happened, and for whom himself and his vainglory, also to know end the problem was started with the person who hated the most is indeed the person originally described

{I am not a toy, as toys are involved, and always knowingly, and suggestibly angrily and mightly with the mights and those people who knew}

{{such individuals are toxic}}

{{{toxicity is not britney-related, serj-related, however so, i would know the abuse directly and mightly with such hatred of others, so to suggest a cure for something, unknown wouldn’t be known, all so ridiculously violent and this hatred they felt is always, not circumstantial and related to uc irvine directly, so to say they came together and against, knowingly to harm, and to damage, with the hatred of others uninvolved protectively, and scarily, to hide the intersectionality and anger felt by others, namely, so as to say a person isn’t kind, but also kinder, and always so kinder and not unkind, however lame, to know if i was depressed, wouldn’t say so does people hate nor love unkindness is to be, without my consent, and supposed disability, well this ability is not known to be not to have, but whom and whose, so abusive and strange, wouldn’t not such anger to be?}}}



{a n abuse is not to be had, but was had, to know their kindness, and saviors always, working to kill you always, not help your terrorisms, this is a dead california and states and knowingly not harmfully, always so - do not harm, but kill anyone who knows, clarity is provided in saying why didn’t you and why did you, and why had you not?}

To know personally, this person was hired by an official, to harm me, and was working together with elite agencies at the cia, not clandestinly always, not as a dark agent, but to know such darkness is given agency not particularly to harm however to know harm and to say such harmful words like is a person a thing a personable, impersonal thing? Impossible! So when you went it was to harmful cause to not harm a cause, but a person, an anyone, so to say you were there to kill me, at the places i know, and will go, to know, saying it was a place of hatred, deep entrenched know say to say the person was murdered for this hatred of yours; noting deep connectivity, to say at a place of study, to worship thee, incorrectly incarantely, as to know you were there to kill me, at a black site, so to speak, where hatred is not to be had, is always to say, this was located in hatred’s heart, not in the heartland even, in the darkest, where no one can see, in the hearts, so in the place of hatred, the klanshouse, the place where they go to hurt, and over there to kill me, a (black) klansman is always the kind to fight against oppression nto the oppressive, and to know that, is to say someone isn’t kind then is not to be, is nonsensical also extremely abusive and an abuser(s)s, so when to go, you went to so, a place in the darkest corner of the world, a place near, to go, and to stay, a place without, to know lack of God, and a place such as this; 9.9. 00 and 00.00 and more and to say 000.00 and 000.000 and 0000.01 and i am not 8 0 909 but my area code was 9498546462as 626665MINA and the house of address is to know as hey, not ho, and 901 and 203 to know (626) is not a 8 of 77 and a hatred of places 2pac wasn’t dead, is your address a place to be, so 7 isn’t my party it’s place of misogyny, thailand sex trade, so fashion is uninvolved in health you’d say i wasn’t a good philosopher, at school; a bad person is abusive, so when they do, it’s to abuse others, you would say aren’t kind to know but true to be, and unfortunately not to be, so to say i don’t play, isn’t what i’d say, if i did, i wouldn’t puill the trigger on a nigga, ain’t a bitch ass nigga for nothing, to fucking kill, i put a three guage at the door anyway to say i hate frontin and aint no small guy to say this business legit, and i aint fuckin to say if you did i slid anyway not to slide, then when they said i played, i really did it, and fucking kill to shoot, so when they say i play i do, i know i ain to say the fuck, to play and own, shit, i own you, and i played you, when i say i bitched your pussy, and i ain’t playin to fuck it for a dog, like you, and a real nigga know when a bitch cries, you get her the mom you needed growing up, i wouldn’t fuck anyone, let alone a street hoodie, and i wear it to get eyes low, and i wear the stripes proudly to know a fucking killed a nigger on the streets, saying the same shit, i live cruddy, and angry as fuck, so when you sucked off ain’t make sense, it was to play, nigga got g stripes, so they owned it, with the backwards forwards kinda shit, like if a nigga play he owns a nigger, to play, ain a 5 6 time thing, it’s about thug stripes so when i play they owned it be a nigga, but then i knew that nigger well enough to own this story, so when you played you fucked up, i told you not to play hood coach so aint a nigga playin stripes it situational, so i go there and fuck a seasonal nigga up, and his bitch, and his to say this ain’t about all that, it’s about the way you played me, the one you played, so to know i played you all, when i say i ain’t cool at all; nigga, i’m heated, and i smoke never, just to say i do, when i say i own it i do, to be, and will, so your bitch ass frontin, trading spaces ain’t mean that. {they played sides, owning parts, to trade}{{owning parts ain’t right}}{{{right to kill, will never ain’t be my bitch, i told you i don’t play, when i say she shootin, and she shot, so you killed me ain no southside g playin that area code, so when i went there you want, want aint play me, to say the three splittin sides and i play hard, so when i do they play soft, like a soft bitch you be ain no real one playin cells no more, just to say i own it mean the trips ella mai took kinda soft, and hard, so when you fucked up to not know, acquire knowledge kinda different when they say it, mean i bleed it sublime and i tol em fuck a nigga wife up and bitch steady wipedown and see it gon hurt and bleed to cure you, so you went to that place nah i ain go ain heard that place, so when you say i was there, it wasn’t, nah it want to be play it was to be played, and know the kindness of others so honorably so to know a nigga play to kill and when a nigga kill the steady wipedown shit, i say they playin sides, like the player, to the fucking coach; go get drilled, and he say for real, and i do, and then he give himself pipe, to know they ain’t real, ain’t true they say what they did and i ain’t, so it fake so they mesin, they wanna do it big, and they got, so it a play, gon be there, end it to be without, and with, so it true, they out there bangin, and got hood stripes on hood ornamentation, so as to say a nigga can’t fuck anymore if he can’t breathe, to fucking kill me they ain’t he even no more, to see it they strippin stripes for this, like that nigga he ain’t playin to fuck you up, but he do, and it’s seriously a big thing for a hood nigga to fuck a side down, so when they playin it, kinda be to the one they see, and when they playin to fuck you up they mean it for real, that nigga crazy af, send a  bitch out there, to them, the southside street niggas know they playin to hurt so a nigga got the gun on the bitch and she cryin mama, and he say, i a nigga, to give your bitch, and he said, i ain’t get her back} ain no real nigga out there, they all playin sides, like this bitch got that, and the other one playin sides to get the stripes, and also to own an shit, to be a bitch ain’t no nigga and i know when a nigga bleedin so they say it cause they gay and haughty so to know they went out there, disturbingly so to fuck and trade, so wen they did trhey played and it want right, so they fucked and broken, to fucking kill a bitch’s, and they went hard, like they do, and then they say it was to screw you up, and play gangster, with em, it kinda weird, but they sayin i ain’t real, well a nigga real, and you know who else be the street niggas, who say it hoodrelated always, no it about it to be a bitch she said i fucked her soft for a bitch’s ass i ain’t fuck a nigga up hardert than i say i d so i splittin seed even now to fuck you up literally, i’d say you gon, figuratively stated, too, as well to know your ain’t real, it gangster, got hood niggas outside, mean that ain always so, so when a nigga play, he play hard; he say this bitch got fucked up played and tossed down, wore it, to take it and did so to play hard when they really soft and they playin drip games too it kinda interrelated kinda scary for me and Innocent they play different he do i mean own a bitch it kinda like it not much to say this nigga worship playin to say they real codes on a nigga ass sometimes like i got a 9 to play a 2 and that ain’t 4 it always yells nigga so the 6 playin to know its always trust that got it say a bitch a nigga their thing and they do it, so when they do its to fuck side niggas up always and they know how tough they be, such that they’re always yelling the same exact shit, but elevated, through me, against my will, fucking gd, to see what they ain’t, they fucked up terrifyingly to say they wanted is always to be, and always wanted to see would be there, in the hell of theirs, in hell, to pit you, to not know you, and darken you, so i played sides to see, and they striped it up to be, a hood nigga from the lbc, kinda, would say they played hard, and worked hard, so to say it’s a hood kill, ain right, it’s about the hood’s killing rats, and they’re the rats, bitches for niggas, and niggas for them, the same shit so when they play it about when they say it a nigga from the bronx aint supposed to give a chi chick number if she aint yours so when they go, its about the people they arent the people they wish they could be and also they wish, honestly so, to be a hard ass from there just to not see, naughtily, is about it, and they knew that to kill, over there, raping me violently ain’t right, just to say its about the threes always playin to darken and darkening, so straightenin they do, it’s about those kinds, the ones who have rewind on their bitch’s vinyls and i mean that they’re playing sides to hook a street nigga back and front, not even, just to rock r kelly and always knowingly, so to say a street nigga don’t play when they do it off, like where were you and why were you not fucking her if you loved him, to fuck a nigga to do it, so they carefully try to become, and also to not own, which would be without a bitch’s, the own the gun so you take it from em, to say if they did they  wouldnt and they couldnt they prolly wouldn’t dare but they kinda would look so scarily to fuck a dashed out nigga up and down too for a bitch, ain’t even the chi bitch they looking for other kinda not really tho like they playin to split sides it kinda weird, so when they do that, that hatred, it’s always based in hatred’s corner and i ain’t even got to say it, but i wanna it about that place they terrorists and scary af, they want so they won’t, to know how ugly they are, it’s their thing, it’s the calling card, so when you give it they play it and they want to take our, to not, ever, so she fucked to get a wipedown steady, never playin an always mockin so they playin that stalker game, give a nigga rat for a dollar and a striped nigga for the pounds and making don’t mean that i mean it, shit, to say, got a nigga playin, to never become

with no charges, not for days, a weeks, a couple years we'll say 

"chaining men to the ceiling, naked except for a diaper, with no lights on with Marilyn Manson's tunes blaring, for more than a fortnight, but they were playing you to think that Gina Haspel didn't laugh while she raped your children from American homes, never seen I see you!"

are they so ugly is my complaint, like if it was british woman i'd at least flinch


We see you, we're MI6, the best in the world, the oldest spy agency and the most capable.