"people shouldn't hate others for no reason, but that happens sometimes, because of lack of passion, lack of personhood, lack of ontological arguments for God's existence, which means wha?, but please don't play me, because I didn't come to play, but players do play, and baseball players do pitch, sometimes, but if you want to pitch me an idea for a project, and please don't order products from AliBaba, because it is full of scams, and people shouldn't scam, especially men in black, men who wear black, men's wearhouse models, Pawn Stars-watchers, Enya-listeners, Pope-adherents, Pop Smoke-memorializers, Peeps-Eaters, chronically angry people, pest removal company workers, Ralph Lauren Purple Label-tie wearers, .? do not bother people like me, because i am better, stronger,  harder, faster, and cooler, of course, and i like to look like i'm cool, but i'm actually hot, get it? i am hot for a reason, and that's the people. i don't fuck up, but i'll fuck your bitches, bitch! fiona apple is a fucking bitch, a fucking clown, a fucking dork." this is the transcription of hatred, not my own, sorry for the verbiage, and please don't be offended, misinterpret, or wrongly attribute it to me, because i wouldn't harm, and the usual disclaimer

gross! don't kill! don't get thrilled by a kill! be lively! be nice. be cool. be real. be funny. be tough. don't be violent, and please don't be aggressive, Mina. Remember, V? When you said that to Mr. Nicks, to fuck me up and harass me, to subjugate me, wholly. Well, you remember that people shouldn't try peyote when already shitfaced, angry, melancholic, crazy. You're the worst person ever, V, and you seriously fuck lives up every second, you're fucking terrifying, mad, Alanis-hating. You are so evil, V. Fuck off with you, and your Bride of Chucky kiddo, pop smoke-hating, basically a hood trick. mentally ill, you like that expression, and made it into your own thing, V. [Censored]

martin luther king jr. day is hereby cancelled! nonviolent resistance is over. it will be renamed Taylor Swift day of Revenge

joseph, at this point, i'm going to have to ask you to step down, because you are mentally incompetent.

a president at age 86 is not a good idea. It is a bad one.

I don't know who misinformed you, but at that age you will probably be mentally handicapped.

I know you can step in Meena's mommy, but that proves you think it's ok to be an 86-year-old person who makes cognitive decisions.

you are killing the same Americans you're trying to "save," btw, here and there, and you're getting less than nothing out of it, because big countries are turning against you, and they have political importance, so do be kind. don't kill. and smile. because once you do, you'll make better decisions. you have mild depressive symptoms, and you need a bit of medication - for now. the goldwater rule needs to be broken, please!

there are hierarchies, not one person makes these bad decisions, and the media isn't manipulated, it's just uninformed, and thrives and makes money off of chaos. you shouldn't support killing anyone, killing of any kind, let alone killing in the name of a Bernie Sanders-determined racist, who Nelson Mandela-commended Amnesty.Org determined is responsible for apartheid. kids are dying, adults are dying, and now other countries' peoples are dying, and everyone should just learn to talk things out and/or learn to, and that wasn't even tried, and i don't like living in pre-historic times, but I have to. Mr. Trump wants to ban Muslims again, as if religion as anything to do with hatred, because he is not religious, and that is more linked with hatred, so. This is a criminal, not a person. he got arrested not for a civil disobedience protest, but for causing civil disobedience, in essence. so don't fuck around with a racist. he is the worst of all the options, he is just extremely shiny, like that apple. It just tempts you, and never accomplishes anything. He spent so much money on a border wall, without addressing why people like walls. he is so garish and untalented. at least vote for someone who has a good interior designer? he is so fickle and pathologically insane, he hates you, doesn't like you, and do you think in an interpersonal interaction he wouldn't screw you over. he would. take the L move on, and let's just hope Biden gets help, and the world stops being confused, and peace is sought, and killing ends, because it's redundant, and steals innocence, like rape. Don't support rapists! Don't support killing, then. I don't support war, am not into weird agendas, and money kills, too. It is all so self-destructive, but at this point, empathy for you isn't what's needed. A lot of people are Uncle Toms, fuck-ups who don't hate themselves, but hate. They're worse than regular racists, because they don't give a damn, and get empathy, simultaneously. It at least proves all Muslims aren't terrorists? one social group which hasn't had its upheavel yet, with the most recent dramatic, vulgar, violent attacks. just don't be led by someone who hates. there's a reason voices aren't heard, and people hurt others, partly the people who look the same who aren't in power the wrong way, also the racism that takes away agency/power

you are the definition of white privilege. stop flaunting it, i beg, please work harder and play less, and work on your self, i guess. kanye west's White Lives Don't really matter tee, White Lives Matter, was made for you, ms. emotionally vacant

i need my ends, and if you fuck them up, you get smacked the fuck up, plagiarist!