i got really bored

it's time to do something, to move on as they say

it's been rough and diamonds are boring to me

so let's make real diamonds in the sky thanks so much team and friends

this was an adventure

but i'm waiting for mine to begin

if you want to follow along, i'm always here, but not like that, it doesn't mean that

it's definitely time to change myself and improve my lot,

it's what I deserve,

and others deserve for themselves to work as hard as me

and if they don't, if they can't fight as strong then it's a bad indication,

contradict myself and move on

this is taylor swift's work, like mine, but worse, and people die and get raped and unheard of torture - thanks again friends, this is hard work and it's not time for reaping rewards but time to see what i've done and how you can do, because at this point it seems you've learned enough

and I can't learn enough God

i'm a missionary of God, everywhere, and it's gonna stay that way

here's my hit song for the day: It's called Mmm Mmm Mmm by Creed :)