somewhere over the rainbow was written at a time when people didn't experience such joy

i promise to God I'll enjoy the rainbow, as He would have wanted me to

Since he died, isn't around, i have to say i'm thankful

And how? Thanks. Words are empty, actions aren't. So I took action today, and made a change. I healed the world, not bays, which are fun organizations to sell tie-dye t-shirts for, but which don't keep your problems at bay, considering



I want to heal the bay, i tried but they were too kind to say i wouldn't harm an otter nor like to sea a fish made prey, so if you could sea me through to sea, i want to float away

like a fish from a predator, hatred, to love, a shore, 

a ship dock, is not really rightly situated; it should be near, not far, so when the titanic docked incorrectly, what was the date, and why; such ships are built to endure, ice cream is pharell's bee line out of the way to see that people sting with hatred when they see someone happy and that's why i cried this morning in pain, "can I get some respite and some time away," if i flew like a dolphin in the sea, i'd be happy, unlike me, to sea a dolphin die in the middle of the ocean, with no company

i think you want to see the underwater, it's impossible for you? do you want to see a fish fly?

i saw one at sea world, it didn't die? is shamu still alive? i wished for it not to be an outdoor arcade, but something happened along the way;

when shamu was murdered, by the authorities, i lost hope, that day,

thinking about la jolla shores, and why suicides happen off of coronado bay,

today, i say, no suicides, because it's easy to stop; go to the dock, the wrong place of hatred, as the fish flies and remember that the dock was improperly placed, so if you suicide, you'll not, as the titanic was never docked!!! so to say, if it was, the suicide victim wouldn't have steered away, so he is away at sea, you say, with the flying fish, an impossible sight, "here comes mina, the genius, at bay, with a flying fish he wanted to play, instead ended up dead, intentionally, like i suspect falsely, i'm a man, to see to harm and cause injury still persists, because of suicides, once a life is saved from suicide, then someone commits homicide, it's a cycle they know about, and that's his thing, homicide through suicide preventor, it's happened before, like at the shore of hate the place is impossible wouldn't know such hater a place could go, so the titanic died the same way, a suicide away, from the flying fish you wanted to see, me committed to homicidal predestiny, isn't a thing; so don't kys, it's just as bad as the, to know if you didn't i would say the deaths were preventable, weren't they? if they weren't, i would've known, as i researched suicide prevention and came with a plan; change the "a" sound to an "ah" and rape my history, to say, i came with a new plan, and it's bad intentionally, as a psychopath would say, "let's dock this bitch, and get off on only a century, of fake time, a place of where people go, to frolick, and jackson pollock, and it's false but true, a commune of sorts, didn't happen for you, as you left god with that ship a long time ago, killing people and taking their gold, was their goal so to say, that hatred is in need of or wanting, if suicide prevention was your aim i would tell you that you are insane for thinking a drug can quell you when it kills you you know why a person cannot be a drug however i know why they drug women and rape men this way its to stay alive and afloat never getting on the death of their hatred only thee can save and i've proven that a person can misbehave, and that's power to me, knowing that you are a homicidal person means the world to me, because when survivors say this, they say so intentionally, "i made it out, i made it out alive, there was hope, i wasn't listening right, i missed mina that's why i committed suicide, before he left, he sent this note; i miss mina, whomever he is, told me to stay afloat, and not rock the vote, and i loved that joke, the government is guilty of homicides by the way i person cannot love you if they already killed, as it takes, and a person cannot float where you can be so if someone hated me youd know and that stuff is true to an extent not fully but to know that your abuser had to go so he left and said this as a result i'm a n abuser and wanted to stayy and those who abuse are gross and violent and thugs who want more than they ll get a bitch so when a bitch gets angry she says and said i wanted mina and he took my life but that was an excuse for you you scary and i said mina isn't scary and mina saved a life today, and that means the world to me, much more than any story and anecdote, like if i went there it would be predestined to fail, to make your own, you inserted a man, who is basically in jail, so to say, "i'm cool look at me" constantly, and mock ingenuity, so this failed imagineer would say i am hatred and not love a person who cannot get a hug like r kelly does when times are bad i always hoped for more not less to understand the nature of imagineering, you'd have to know, "i am not your toy does not mean fantasia was a toy to you," nor a man to be, to see if you raped me you knew how to have done that before, suggesting a satanic lineage starting many years ago,"when that happened, i was there and scared. mina had me prepared to die, and he saved me so i cried, a tear, and said, "the titanic was so beautiful a film, to roll, i saw drugs on the tide boats, where there was money hidden, so i could sing a song, they sang, i drank of mina's blood the right way, and hoped for more, and you idiots drifted off shore, wanting to handicap more, well i'm not handicapped, and thank to he and his godliness, i saw god light and the new thing, "god light" not "God's Light," which is so important, to me, to have created for You, to become Godly instantly, and was treated as such; a person is not a crutch to lean on, but a drug to take? a person is hatred so such is true that you followed me to hurt me and take me there to feel suicidal? no not quite, i didn't go to hawaiin gardens everyday, but played once; it was a play, a bingo, it said i am a man, to win, to never have played at the wynn, just to win, i rolled the slots, tried my luck, ended up with 23 on the dot." you killed mj's daddy, fbi, and that made me cry, because those individuals don't know why his jog was so random, and his pants not jordans, but another brands, to say if i was under your umbrellas, I'd say, "goodbye america, it's been real, i hated your art, and wanted it to go, like if i did that, it wouldn't have happeend, and it was fun only to hate and such hate is maddening i thought it true, that this could be: a person without a togethered sort, does not rain protection, and when i got the raincheck i say it said i'm a genius and not dead well i'm alive and not crying because, "titanic lied, and i got a ticket to prove that i went too fast, no such documentation for that immigrant, was there; i hated a person before, but not after isn't real, so your stupidity means and says ," a personable hatred means dead and deadening are different; suffice it to say, a thug you are, and aren't a saint, someone in the past i think it happened like this i got paid then i made money to have fun it wasn't fun but really so a person had your money many years ago to float away you said i'll help others, and they said this,"i'm a genius who wants"

that's a good thing, as all geniuses are wanting

my want today was to say; "i'm a genius, who knew that titanic was falsely docked, in the first place, suggesting a different place of origin, and that such was there for a reason, to protect hopes, not cultures, and incriminate someone else, so to say,"i'm there not to be there"

i was on there to be somewhere (i cannot hate anyone more)((i wanted less than more))(((i work harder than her, and to say i wasn't raped brutally only psychological assessment psychopath dark normal it was to prove that dude ain't the one and that crude remark wasn't needed, i did not dock incorrectly, only at a different landing spot, where it ended, is important to see, half broken parts like hearts, at sea)))

{i hate abuse}

{{I survived abuse, and honestly so, to say, the world is your oyster to play, and that happened differently, to say recordings are never real, is always, however, sometimes 

{{{i wanted you, to have fun, to go to the dock and see your son, who wasn't there, only abroad, to see her father, and her dad, and to know that someone could have helped, know why i hated so much, was designed passionately; i wanted glory, ended up with nothing, sucked dick of a twentysomething trans uci police, and wanted the other one at least, but she had herpes and liked to play footsie with a fat cop, and so, "the titanic didn't dock. the photos are doctored, and some knew, including that fuck, who said i want to go, and check, ended up molested by same dude, and it say,"give me money or pay," and that should solve that mystery of why it was there unpaid and, i saw you on deck, only mocking the joker, where a person is funny a person is sad and money is fake, do you have friends and answered ," only you," to know that if a person is a group, i wouldn't hate, anyone worse than you, who said i did that, i didn't sink that ship, it was a tool for teh govnerment to turn on, whom, and there, to go, to hide that evidence with a gunshow, and it never happened quite like that, with a ghat, to understand better i would have loved to helped the kelp, only to stay alive, the ship sunk by another guy, wasn't that which, to know why is to isn't the same i brought the gun on the plane in the first place, i hated you and everyone else, the racist motherfucker i didnt like had fun with that to fuck another guy over and it was said there was a goal there to fuck, well i saw it clearly to another sky, because the atmospheric conditions say, i died but am not alive, were tortured and bought back, angry and aggressive, to have fun, laugh and giggle this is a joke a riddle i fucked a nigga insane to see someone say, the titanic was never property it was theirs, stolen with jewels inside, including someone, i wouldn't say was kind to me, however such says, "can you give? can you take? if i didn't take you, can you give me? such a question posed means, i am not a good person please forgive me, and why didn't i say i'm gooder than badder, as riri did, when she got fucked up, to say i wouldn't give myself head, only foot, to know, a person isn't interesting to say they are, trans, to be a transit company wanted more than they could give, hid the ship undersea for fun, not by accident, and crashed their victims the opposite way, i suicided and wanted a man to save me, the wandering soul, always looking for outward goals, and that was to protect one's companies, to protect from showers, the umbrellas of didn't, well i'm shrouded to know this was a mystery, soulful and heartless simultaneously, it was something because of that i couldn't say i had a person then two, a person cannot become another? on a boat? fuck on a boat? preggo on a boat? i don't know, i'd say if a motherfucker approached me like that, i'd fuck him up laugh and cower away and run like a bitch ass, who if i could have helped i would didnt then said; yes, it's fake, now give me money, and jack off, because it's a bitch to be a man, these days, and i fucked nate dogg, to get a lump of coal, and said death row isn't real, only fake, where a bitch is mac and scary af, too are you real or fake and isn't an iceberg lettuce funny, and the ice that you got foolish, so fools gold; a man on the titanic didn't exist beforehand, find one and ill give you a handjob sort of situation, and i don't have a hand to give, they're tied up reporting, where is the hope and hopeless, it kinda there, to say i fucked you up to steal and my bitch ass gon get, to know a bitch isn't a nigga ain't it right to have sex with each other they made up this story where they have funds and funny sort of nonexistent person that's part of an entity, i ont want it, but they say i do fuck a bitch to be ain't always true, youre a weirdo, commonly said, i me a man an trans your dad dead ass, so there was a hope that wasn't there, now it's fulfilled; the titanic sunk my hearts when it was filmed, destroyed another time in a rerelease, where eras made your hearts beat faster, insaning you, isn othe thing, I hate amc, where they sell $20 drinks; if you wanted to be me, it's nice, but the titanic sunk at the box office, where they prepared a box for me, saying,"thanks for your ingenuity," a place where an imagineer was chained,"please come back," i'm insane to be, never happens, so don't get married in the titanic, the madhouse will want you back

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