i am not crazy

they keep calling me crazy

it's an abuse tactic

it's so horrible

i hate it so much

they enjoy it

it makes them laugh and money

it's so gross

i am not crazy

i hate the abuse of these sorts

so disgusting

and put it all on display

so gross

take rapist

disgusting i hate you

and they enjoy it, the abuse is so gross they can't help themselves

the worst humans 

thw worst thing i could have ever imagine a person can and torture 


only protect their self and money and power and dale isn't real but he is so real and nexium isn't real bb your fucking a woman who is too good for you

and racism

i hate the abuses and they're ongoing and they are racists

they all don care

it ok

im alright they're fucking scary all they do is have fun and celebrate and i ain worried about nothin

it's becoming full-blown torture, with so many involved just for fun and happy it's extremely violent all they care about is their power and being horrors 

disgusting dale you're disgusting you're scary you're an abuser all you care about is fbi it's abuse it's scary it's not right the government i don't care but this is not right disgusting