stop spreading lies


like that disease but like the kanye way just im unsure if that's the right way to do it

you do not discount our pain

once innocence is gone once, it's gone forever

and they make you feel guilty confuse

united states used to be a good place - at least ideologically

things have changed

it is not what it said it was, and you can figure that out individually

it is not to blame-shifted to harmless other countries,

but this ideology and its supporters, of Satanism, is condemned entirely

it is not a reckless few 

it is not some crazy new mental illness

it is not money, greed, or avarice nor is it about seeking physical grace, graceless gangsters and sluts

it's about loving who you are your parents your upbringing your history

like i'm not even sure the one writing erotic fiction is mr. chris wray's daughter, but it could be but it's not him and i don't want to displace blame; and why are we still confused, or at least me,a person who is an individual

i know how hard this was for us, but still tell me more - because i am not you, and respect individuality, and what made you those ways

you all need to stay safe i have a link for help you should bookmark because the homepage shifts (= at the top)

it should be super obvious your dearest lover the ones who taught and teach you love are the ones who are going to be tested the most, get the angriest and you will be strong and bold and creative to find a solution out of earthly pain, because you do not deserve it, you do not abuse to abuse, and hurting someone like you were is showing yours' spirituality and spiritual reflection and you are there to complete this for those who've lost their lives the bereaved (because that part about it, the racism, the abuse, the rapes, the incest - that's theirs, make all your pains and joys, your tears, worth it, that's their abuse and what you feel from those helping God, damn, for this Taylor Swift bitch and the Innocents, for all those Satanists who couldn't be dead before for this same thing, doing it now here)

wanted youtube video is a song

so if you want songs you go to youtube music

an app that can interchange songs and videos

if you want a desktop version of a website, and this was what i was getting to, safari is not the only game in town, nor is google chrome, nor arc browser, just know that you can change from mobile version to desktop version and vice versa on the phone, instructions: aA click that (and click request desktop website) and fix it, because it's unnecessary

anyway, if you want to listen to music there's napster use that but that's out of stock or rhapsody music is kinda for weirdos and i don't listen to seal but i did like kiss from a rose but crazy makes me puke