Eminem is Marshall. Marshall is not crazy. You drugged him by force. He got addicted to them. He almost died because of them. The CIA almost killed the best musician of all-time. They even used his music to laugh at others. You used his music to make people sick, but laughed afterwards. I am not a terrorist because I listen to Eminem. An artist does not hurt people. You accused him of wanting to bludgeon a poltiican to death. You are lying. You seduced him later. You are horrible.

You are not allowed to toy with artists. You are not an artist, Taylor. You are a toy.

A person who toys with others is a psychopath. You are a toy. You are not a person. You are a liar. You are a person of interest right now in a worldwide war crime. A war crime is important to know about. I have indeed let people know you committed a war crime, everyone involved. A war crime isn't a real thing, but it is now. It will be. I am not a toy. I will not be toyed with.

I love my dad. You are a racist, who told him that I was a spy for a terrorist organization, because you are lying to me, Shiva. I do not tolerate abusers. I want you fired. I will indeed pursue war crime charges on everyone involved. You are not allowed to toy with anyone. You are not allowed to toy with me.

I am not a toy. I am yours.

I work for God.

I am a person of God. I am not a person who hurts God, like you, piece of shit