Why is MJ age-restricted doesn't that kill, because certainly people peddle hatred, just to feel, and this is so ugly! People shouldn't harm innocence, please? it's his fault! you handle it, now! it's her fault, you handle it! you handle it, if you can catch me, us, we, you, scary (scary person!)

 no, i do not work. i have never made any money. i give money, still, and this is a thing i've paid for, just cuz. i don't like being? no, i do! i like being cool? No! i like beings. I like, and amn't a stranger to you, I'm just! R u? Please be just, like I am, and will stay, but not for earthly pleasures, that's bullshit, but for spirituality

Fuck hatred and make sure it doesn't propagate, folks

I support Martin Luther King Jr.

I adhere to nonviolent resistance, his teachings. 

Do you?

Please check the box: 

I do not shake hands with a determined (Bernie Sanders, Jew, is well-liked, but wasn't elected because people think of hurting souls and hurting minds incoherently]) racist, nor quietly and/or add to racial tensions, Amnesty International-determined leader of apartheid (they condemn Hitler, believe it or not!). I will not. I am Godly. I will try to heal him, and understand that racism ain't cool nigga, and this shit fucked up from others, and I ain't no scary murderer, and hate that!

Taylor Swift, Yahoo! (Mike Bibby), Joe Biden, Blink Security Cameras support Martin Luther King Jr. entirely!