its like israel got left out to dry, like theoretically if that happened im your bestie now youre the aggressor terrifying also to say the weak are nothing to school shooters

*** look up

{the jets are a bit scary?}{{jets are scary! and}}{{{I don't get scared!}}}

I am not scared of anyone I am Mina I am Everything I Wanted and Everything You Needed To Want

MI6's Mina

some people are really scary others not so much i am not scary so:

this war on logic and reason is to be committed only by the logical and reasonable

code occultist

code satanist

armenian nationalist hymns are not supposed to be sung at times of war

fake victimization apology by abusers who want to apologize by insinuating abuse of yours by their abuse and their abuser together

armenian nationalist cult in la but only in la can they get high legally of the hatred oif others and selves they have knowledge of rapes and torture so that's why

armenia joins united states for protection and ends up protected the same way

antisemitism her antislam there work together to kill everyone and harass similarly the wealth of the world

sleep armenia rise psychiatry us

womanizer of the womanized

artists don't insult artisrty

dieting and deity

prayers do not listen arguers and those who do are pedophiles of the church and dont resist temptations that dont bother the Innocent because of my mother and also the kindness of the father who has known God through my sister only and now through me, who had the will and courage to defeat satan thanks to Our Together As Victims of Abuse of Women And Men

odd behaviors and mannerisms they are fantastical without religious elusions {MI6's Mina} not delusions

they only the if and then and how to do things for Thee and often abuse drugs and people so i will not be a friend of them, who hate Thee

they have their abusers in opposite ways so the jew abuser is attacking rhe christian and the christian abuser is attacking the jew so this abuse is extremely rapey and terrifying also involving elements of torture to satanize islamics and also to torture people into theirs by force as they are abusive occultists and zionist satanists who are equally culpable of extreme levels of abuse of psychiatry and psychology to make money for corporations and banks who know those corporations and would work as directives for NFL abuse protection agencies, which misdirect intentionally and will not stop making puppets of orphans and their helpers so they can abuse you cant have perpendicular parallel and this behavior is oddly isnuating and i dont want people near me who are wanting to abuse and humiliate people who are thoughtful and heaven sent to corrupt into oblivion and to become oblivious to others pains and focus on their self-reproach, so as the worst humans they abuse and torture for fun, to steal, quell to abuse, and prevent this abuse is based to want and harm, so do know your anger is not blame people who are waste bags of death, knowing who they arent to heal to steal and make sad and insinuate ultimate physicality's prominence this guy is using every rape tactic in the book of torture to electrify into dependence on machines that arent eternal and these dont talk by themselves so psychosis isnt real, and Godliness protects against psychosis, which is satanism

MI6 sis




color to know colors mi6's mina's colourful