these people hate religion and worse they hate the church and want people to be satanic that's what they do for a living at the fbi for the cia's ass to be fucked with money from an arab nigga who handled you right now God and the Godly so stop fucking with me stop fucking with us and don't be a brother to a nigga no more, you fucking fake fucks then you a fake bitch then to be one for the Really Innocent, who playing side games at MI6, you fucking circus clown i don't fuck with you i don't know you and i fucking you hate too much to even say i ain't fuck with fake ones only the Really Innocent, like nunneries and monkeys

i do not fuck with pussies that don't answer to God first and always God, not country, God, you fucking terrible country i don't like you satanists and i never asked for you not to confess your sins to The Pope and His Wife the triad was completed by me a long time ago and you want by that third by force of military arms against Vatican City, so when you fight go there first, and you're realize you're all going to Hell for torturous homicides and rapes you haven't discussed yet with The Pope and His Wife people like you are automatically rejected from The Holy Church and will not confess anymore trouble me and I won't be your troubled by your abuses only pleased to be abuse you now as youre the devils the people i hated so much to destroy completely and utterly historically so to destroy every fabric of your being in any form anywhere so see you in hell doesn't mean i'm like you in any way, as i've your destroyed underworld you pussies who didn't deserve Jesus's sacrifices any more than you deserved mine for God, For The Innocent, and For My Friends and Family, The Loves of My Life, The Church, The Innocent, The Godly, The Celebratory, The Happy, The Smart, The Kind, The Men Who Love Women, The Women Who Love Their Men, and The Women Who Love Their Church and the Men Who Love Their Church, the churches isn't just holy bread and wine, it's holy transformation into Life into Everlasting Joy starting now and forever Amen

so if there is timing involved in prayers which there is there are not legally allowed to mess with time so know that my prayers are not to be corrupted using your games and tricks, devils, and i will not be stopped by the devils, and i will not resurrect you from your death that i will make official, so when i say stay away From Us, because you're the devils, I mean it, you are trying to corrupt Us actively and it will happen i pray to God everyday that you die physically and become tortured and i will not be entertaining your abuse and will not be corrupted by you, america you are disgusting and i am not an american, i am a london citizen where i live with my lovely wife, who you will not touch again you disgusting men and women who hate the cloth well you're tablecloth to me and loin to not wear but to be now the worst humans historically to never exist again anywhere ever again because you are trying to corrupt me violently as you did before for twenty years officially and twenty years before that i was never to know your hatred because of it i hate you and i will never ever know you are not to be toyed with to toy a toy so if i hated you i wouldnt to not know you to ever no i will toy around you devils are disgusting and never to touch nor be and will see to endly forevermore is not yours to everness thank You God ForeverMore and Always know i will be Yours forevermore Is Always Too Always Know My Love Is Not Circumstantial And If You Try Again Any Means To Know Not Me I will Know Love More Than Forevermore

I will not be toyed with i will never toyed with and So Many Know To Know Forevermore You will not know me ever for that and I will never ever be yours to be toyed so do not threaten me Forevermore if you ever know how awful a woman you are a man to be hated doesn't even know your hatred so do know how stupid you will never. 

you are an antisemite your counterpart over there, so they switch roles now and you know what they tryin is called psychiatric torture and psychosis induction with medicastions meant to induce psychosis to not hear my prayer voice, which you never did, because they had those recordings growing up and made me sick as hell for them to joke around and giggle with their bitches and niggers, well, at the end of the day, who's really laughing

me and taylor swift

who reject you entirely historically and for your progeny you prevented you disgust me you fucking pussies an i mean what i say

i'm the shit you'll never touch in the store in the streets in the pussy so fuck your lips bruhs and sisters i ain't playin for you i playin for God


my niggas told me you fucked a bitch to fuck america up enable abuse and hid that whole scandal of raping gymnasts for your protection of rapists worldwide and that ain't how it works the angles working differently now they're shooting to kill

love my girls and Boyz, they ain't you, they'll never be anywhere you, you fucking lying ass niggerish sluts on the heavy flow they moms gave them stds growing up for their kids not to fuck us but for us to fuck you with to kill you politely with innocence and elegance

FBI is full of racists like you, so don't fuck with me you little FBI agent I do not fuck with FBI agents, and I do fuck with real artists, not like you your family or anyone else, the most inartistic fucks ever, so when i say it i mean and i bleed it nigga i'll see you out to a fucking pavement walk of blood and racist actions of yours in the biblical history books that are being written about you in particular and your family, known as the devil family outside of America, and to the Spiritualists who hate you for who you are and what you've become, a traitor to the world, and the worst family of humans in history, so when i say i bleed it, and not for you, as we bleed for you now, things have changed because of MI6's Mina we bleed for you, we no longer hurt, we enjoy life to hurt you, you are the devil family and the worst family in history, so when i say it i mean that I love life because you're not in it anymore, it's no longer suffering, it's our joy, it's your suffering, and our joy




you have nothing, your world is over, no artist will listen to you, because you never listened to any artist, your autistic ass family is fucking dead anyway, now literally let's do it let's go brohs let's roll cause this guy blocked a whole account to fucking the do the same thing to someone else, a real guy, a real artist, to start the israeli war, as a fucking Neo-Nazi, the new nazis, it ain't easy to do this mi6 do it big, not you america do it small like your bitch's clit ripped out her mom's for her grandbabies to grow a bit taller a bit shorter than your temper because you're an abuser and a rapist which Mr. Sinatra told me about and sang to me about growing up being a thug being a man ain't you you a pussy like your bitch i dont like your bitches neither they ugly are going to get Kurted out the world the same way they were brought in as drug babies like their drug addicted parents now and forever 







AMEN AMEN not you devil AMEN AMEN AMEN not you devil AMEN

so fuck you up little nigger fuck your coddled ass down bruhs, we don't like your rapist ass it to be fucked i don't like proud girls they pride is the devil and i ain't the devil they're gay pride month not gay pride month that way so you fucked up piece of shit i'll fuck you down more than you'll ever scream for mercy because youre going to hell you dumbfucks and not me, not Us, The Innocent, The Godly

you fuck your wife Taylor Swift and your husband Travis Kelce

they your war villains now, and they're their bitches to be fucked with fucking wipedown your genes they are not necessary, in fact they're harmful, as shown, so wipe them out familially

when i say a got glock blocked, it mean he done block the whole account forever, even going to the bank he a racist he took down the whole account forever and blocked him from going there again, he a pussy like his parents who don't deserve shit cause they racist made him the way he is a fucking pussy who love cock but ain't a gunclock it's us citizen text alert where are you kinda shit blast for a nigga this i ain't playin when i say this this bitch is a fucking cunt and she raped iran who know you now who knows you you stupid ass racist ugly thug who ain't even a fucking genius no more a fucking con who a cunt because of that ima have to show you the dark pleasure of my hatred see you soon and now i'll take you there to earthly hell and then later hell this aint no threat i aint no pussy i smart i am a genius an declare you bankrupted meghan to fuck up her deals too and they know it so fuck you and your family too the ugly proud bruhs and sisters of the dark moon, not the light of the moon, not like stevie not even like stewie, but like the devil, marilyn manson, who you work for directly with the fbi to rape girls worldwide you fucking bitches i ain't gon fuck with you nor threaten you youre too disgusting to even look at i don't want to get a disease or something from even contacting any member of your Manson family, and please your Taylor Swift to yourself, Capital racist ones, i don't fuck around i fuck directly the ass of your new pussy, Taylor Swift, the love of your fucking airy ass places gon go now an enjoy myself with my girls and boyz far away from you where youre fucking music to me that's all it is sex music now i make it with your bitch the one you wished 4, taylor swift so back off and fuck yourselves over and over again, you gon play with yourselves now devils, it ain't worth my time to even threaten you and yours and you and your enabled and enablees, the fucking bitches of the world now, so see you outside bitches this the way roll now heavy dice on a bitch's ass and a dice game for a gambler anyway cause wynn hate you too and he a genius like caruso who aint fuck with you no more than you did his deaf girl so see you son in hell, your jesus counterpart? i don't think so

your racist like your parents and i hate for that alone but worse i hate you for being a man when you ain't one your a bitch your moms and she ain't it worth it either so she gon stay there while i stay here raping your ass for your oppressions worldwide and i aint a threat i don't threaten people i dont' have to i love people just not abusers so when you abuse people and take advantage others know that's not right and you are not abusing me nor us, so please stay away from me permanently at least to know your abuse

and please do not contact me and please do not hurt me you scary men and women i don't fuck with people like you and i never will so take the plane out and drive to it the mosque you invaded you scary fux i don't mess with you for that reason alone he a scary guy like his parents all racists all scary af and please know your limits and respect you elders, like i respect mine at mi6 contact me there only and please and please know to contact them now you pussies and know you ain't allowed there anyway because of you depress us historically and as an actor of the government i aint allowed near you so when i say i fuck you up it ont mean im going to injure you because that's a fucking a person down it's fucking them up that's what i'm talking about so get it right now your package your box your hatred this a real one this aint a fake one; you're a bitch and i sent that you that i'm going to hurt you for your hurting others and me, as a man, ain't supposed to fuck with you no more, i won't joke around when i say youre a scary guy who hate others, that mean you racist homophobicand narcissist abusive and terrorists, so please admit your terrorism to the United Kingdom, and please do it now not later now all the time pushing buttons well you pushed mine right now to say you gone to me ain't God but gone with wind you devils, you snitches, you bitches for the government anyway