Taylor Swift abuse corner

she'll say, it, i love you so  much, with i looof you

and then, i loved you? shit, i loved it it's how we move hatred

i hate a man, kind of racism

blue to not know, kind of satanism

and blue to not know why i pulled, how truly uninspired by u

I fear they're dearly confused, however enlightened they are, it's True Enlightenment, and they've wasted another day, today. It's the way, to not know why a person isn't a person anymore, to know end, so when they started this slave encampment, I didn't want it, rather, I didn't need it, so when someone needs a slave encampment, like America needed desperately, their stupidity started to show and people became really crazy and strangely interested in strange things, so they started to abuse others that way, namely those who know what they're doing, in a sort of reverse-enslavement, to claim victory falsely, like false victims Johnny Depp, Taylor Swift, United States Legal Office so disgusting and discussions of propriety are no longer, and people no longer exist, because all the hard-workers have been replaced with nothing, so they're desperate for them back, and the new slave-keepers, of the hard-workers they enslaved, do not really understand anything about what they're doing, and it's up to me to figure out why, suggestions of ennui and cheap thrills aren't, it's hatred and enjoying slave's works, and they're in power, to say i'm really learned, just not that way, so to abuse others, and take what they have, it's not but it is kind of weirdos, and those who and which are not normal, is the typicality. Also, such people are care-less, like no one cares, only a few who are actually enslaved, the actual hard-workers and God's artists of choice. When the media started, it was false news, not "fake news," not faux victims like "Proud Boys and Girls," "abortion-rights activists," it's the hatred of it, the hatred of hard work, that makes others work harder, just not recognized! Also, their abuses are rooted without fairness, like i'm hate and hatefulness, just not one or the others, so they become what they are, and do not became what they aren't; so stupidity can be claimed, well darkness and ferality, too, so, too, the anger is theirs, always, never quiet, cannot achieve peace so have-tos of them, 

Those who hates others, are typically toucher, so there is no kindness in American, only of the? so to say, stupidity isn't a reason for self-becoming, and abusers are known to abuse that really much, so that's What, the reason for depression isn't weird chemicals, but circumstance, so you know they're not circumstantially based moods even, just in violence, to say kindness wins is the matter? not quite are you scary enough, than to be fear more, and you've lost, not i, as i have the losses of the lost, and idea to harden aggresssion

Taylor Swift is to be stayed and not responsiible, so others are known to abuse, torture, and reverse slavery of geniuses only is fucking gross angelinas, ain't really angelina, she is the same, to kill you

When I say Pfizer's contract with is not null but paid properly

that was the intention all along, strutucturally

Pain time, currently at war,

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The hatred you feel is the anger you know, and the anger you knew is the hatred you will feel! I will not know your anger until it's not mine! Mine is not your anger, is yours! I and my friends, angered as ever, will never anger you. You'll be coddled, cradled, lost in your emotionality, and angered by it and because of your sins, so that others know orders are to be taken and that homes are yours! The person of hatred, is you, and the object of hatred's isn't!