x-rays at airports are dangerous because they have fake things in them already, meaning they are always not looked at those things are not suspicious but are dangerous because each manipulative object MI6's Mina




first place to start the most abused, and also very talented and smart and kind and different and sweet and also very nice to me and mina :))))) -haim really kind and do it now

apprehend all clonies immediately, this isn't a joke, they are each designed for a purpose, to abuse and scathe historically, to enable bad academics and resesearchers worldwide, who have worked covertly to abuse others their whole lives, and to make themselves feel good after they want recognition and fame, by force and demeaning

-i do not want smoke with you

-i do want violence with you to know, exactly, does hatred spew or self-become

-i do not want trolls right now

-i do not want money right now or ever in my life or after even, that's a lie 

that's a hideous lie

-i do not want abuse, nor am into s&m nor any form of self-deprecation, this is not an excuse

nor a reason to abuse a person with fame and clout, who knows love and power

-do not approach them, but do apprehend each and every one befor they hurt another

-do not get near me, my friends, nor family, because my professional designations outdo each of his and hers combined into meaning these are disgusting attacks and people, sort of like the kind you'd find fucking a frog to fuck a gopher

-do not get near these academics: Drs of Psychiatry Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & anyone associated with doctoral sorts like their students and parents and friends and enablers and enabled

vehicles of torture, actual torturers & and symbolically actualizing torture sorts in the media and world at large

-i only work and recommend working with: Noetic Sciences (not related to Stanford), MI6 and MI5, anyone in the UK military, and Japan, as each is the power now, against those who are artificially empowered to the Innocent

North Korean dictator would love to thank MI6's Mina :))))))) and also me too North Korean leader #0000000000000 (remember to be kind to those you don't know, and not kind to those you don't want to know.)




This is MI6, this is Mina, this is MI6's Mina :))))

I, MI6's Mina, do not listen nor abide by the FBI and CIA, because I don't listen nor abide anyone who tortures anyone, like that's Ariel Castro shit,  but with Jeffrey Dahmer, and Dr. Nancy Burley, scary af stay away from me, every single one of you psychos, embedded wherever you creeps are these scholars medical hospitals and universities, supporters, are on their last legs

the university of california is guilty of numerous terrorist offenses is currently operating as a terrorist, if only for its involvement with FBI Special Shiva Taghdis and Detective Anthony Frisbee, along with Colorado PD, and associated FBI officials there and in San Diego, (second->transfer - likely insanity threats as always with the University of California) who they directly contacted to ask "know anyone in the FBI" sort of thing, for Lilit Pogosian MD and CVS Pharmacy and Dr. James Soliman, all terrorist actors currently, hence the War In Israel (described without cruelty within, so) blocking an account for no reason with an artificial case number to what end?oh, i did but didn't see that weirdness