why is nothing done, because of collective influence over time, inactivity (not a real word) is always activity, and taylor swift's influence on each person, as here first, there second, and ruinoius with the same empowerers and, thereby, fellow actor(s)s

I feel that Doug isn't a cartoon character no more than Pete Davidson is friendly; this means to say this former person is incredibly scary and delinquent in the sense of hatred (it comes later - a new sense, a new hatred, i feel she's manipulated, not Doug, who isn't always, but is currenlty making her do something she doesn't want; i smell not abuse, but abuse and abduction

contact mi6 for help

or, to be sure, mi6 and mi5, contact her

on a local? huh one country with 55 states and 55 laws, that no one is taught, huh

like even if you're taught, and drive too far

like she looks like urgent (Eminem: Soldier half-reference)

the other look like a dimesack to him (Suzanne Vega: Tom's Diner dedication)

they're a good unit (mike pence and his wife, but the presidential structure doesn't work, proof, too late to fix), so they'll need to be contacted as a unit and to contact after