Hitler will reincarnate. As a female. As someone who loves you and gives you toys to toy with. She is disturbing! She is evil! She is not who she says she is!



This is important. Taylor Swift sued a blogger, with the help of the LAPD's attorney, Briggs, who doesn't give a shit and has proven so by joining a corrupt organization that hates everyone. This is the blog.

She needs to be stopped.

She has never denounced "white supremacy."

She is responsible for hate crimes, and her role in them needs to be known, so she can be stopped! I am not going to write to hurt her or anyone, but to help sufferers of abuse, not the abuser(s).

Taylor Swift is not scared. She is not afraid. She is not there. She is not aware. She kills. She imprisons. She traps. 

She has the most security out of anyone alive. Sophisticated security. They're in Nashville, while you're in Pasadena. She doesn't need security, no one does. But she's committed to herself, and them to her evil ways, and concomitantly act out evil. She is protected by the most evil, sneaky attorneys. They hurt people. They take down blogs. They sue young girls. ETSY is not sued, the young girl is. She cries, she lost her money. She had none to start with, and was only happy. She has no history of depression, clinical or otherwise. She is not vulnerable, and appears vulnerable to gain fuel.I have no history of hating myself. I cannot raise your anger, sorry and please stop lying to abuse your souls and win over them, too. Tina and Amy are female revolutionaries, not you. They are not going to HELL, you are, evilworkers.

Law enforcement from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office to the Denver Police Department got in on the fun, trading these bracelets with Swift fans while working extra-duty jobs at the concert.

“Our deputies understood the assignment,” ACSO said Saturday. “They traded friendship bracelets with Swifties at the Taylor Swift concert.”

The bracelets include references from her many song titles and lyrics to what Swift has said in interviews over the years.