Dole Whip and the Tiki Room of Innocent Chatter Is Not a Place for the death of your family, to know you aren't parroting, to puppet, and if a lamb is a puppet, then i'm the decaying lamb, but not spreading my blood, nor my legs, for a niggerish nigger, but to hate you, for not knowing that nigga is a real one (some){always}{{disgustingly}}{{{foolishly, peevishly so}}}

Kids shot the cops when they came in and took what they didn't own, which is love and kindness and oddness of individual expression is not quite the same as individuality, but duality of whom and where type of situation

no if graffiti there its always but that kind of temporality is permanent unlike the act of cleansing, more, rewriting institution is real, but God's

It's happened before, it's just differently fashioned it all, once an abuser always, so similarly and so tough I'll stay purely strong always fighting and pugnacious (but it doesn't mean that i'll hurt myself for that person who abuses), rather i'll hurt the abuser, in God's name, I'll damn your earthly existence, to know your uprising into hades, not heaven, and to not self-become, but to self-destruct, to protect one's heavenly self to multiply and spread God's love, by necessity instead of by choice, and to know God, is Love, not wasn't, and to know Whom I Am Was and Will Be Godly

If I would never play football, as it's gross and unelegant a mockery of triumph past -american crassness, i would not advise it, like a bad person would be a good bitch for a cocksucker-bestial doesn't mean that, but it could mean that you are-as scary as ever, just nonexistent, like the nonstarter i smoked a blunt with trina, to break my neck doesn't mean my back too it means you're callous is the same it's always been your achilles heel, to know such a weirdo never had to, but did {saying i had a wish}{{two of them}}{{saying that people always hurt to mock, is disgusting, arrogant, and peevishly foolish, so if the joker is a school shooter, and i disagree with the suicide rate portrayed, then it was actual, but isn't? lol}{{

abuse by clergy isn't abuse by imperfect strangers

do not viol8, such to say your abuse is ugly and moronic abusive and scary worthless and tedious nonsensical unartistic frightening, such to say this loser isn't mine, and i don't know you, as well as I know God, the Church, and Roman Dictates its Artistic Romanticism of Spirituality, not you, certainly not, and i wouldn't be heavy with your abuses and perversions of bodies, such to say, if a person is trans and gangbangs and if such is said to be yours, then why do you not know how, bad decisions doesn't mean that to not know ugliness isn't a pleasure and pleasure isn't ugliness and your abuse so feral and strange abusive and moronic tragic so odd tragic sorts do not like the hatred pronounced love not pronounced hatred so illegalities note that hatred is real and they always are so if an illegality is a person is a person alien to an abuser, so not to say abusers are aliens, but racists are to be shown so obligatory so truly sow Your Seeds

Hawaii is Japan's, by default really, but also by your order, to know this is stupid, and your stupidity is constantly evinced, to note the following facts

Stole a military base form Japan to abuse children and torture the innocent to hurt people in Hawaii and make them sick of life and others and slaves to people who don't like them their mannerisms and welcoming elegance not as an alternative but as a mandate, as this counry was abused equally, with its inhabitants taken out by force and Japan made evil, which makes no sense

Very few are Japanese army members, and even in Hawaiin naval stations there are an abundance of hatred for other cultures and races usually to hurt people of color and nationalistic satanic reasons such as hatred of men and women particularly transexual Japanese military figures, whom there are none represented and always mocked for their appearances and fake victims use them to torture othersw, in secret chambers, with peoplpe of color hurting othes for fun, to kill trnasexual people worldwide and kill all emotional sorts who love unconditionally so when there's a conditional release from ownership it shouldn't exist in the first place, second place, nor original place. "Japs" are friendly and that word was generated there, to claim responsibility for terrorism, and also not here, as the satanists are responsible, Not the Spirituals, The Innocents

The height of America isn't Japan and its low isn't me. So when you get high to get low you abuse by force to enslave and enslave others but not by force, so beware

Spooky niggas are everywhere and I ain't one of them, I have not wanted to scary you so do not be frightened by your shadows and abusers, so you know that an abuser is not to be copied, likely to abuse again, when a vulnerability isn't patched

Certain generic drugs like Caplyta's dummy drug doesn't exist it is actually existent only in one form proving it is a false drug one which warlocks like to prescribe to have fun with others and rape

This disgusting military rape isn't theirs, but theirs, so to know not to feel others insides so disgustingtly the most disgusting jeffrey dahmers ever

your names are being written scriptually as the worst -devils so to speak historically and all leagues and associations of people the same, organizations and or their representative(s)s to not know, enablers and enabled stopt, and as defeated, such a bitter angriness was still to be shown, church institutions aren't my province, anymore, as it's a stepping stone, but you're an impediment, but not as impeding as theirs, who i don't konw, and mine, who I will know Without You Through Decrees & Amendments as they talk, if someone steps, then pounce {such is gross}

people who are knowledgable in fields of science and art have known me and i am not scary

people who are scary are not unkind

people who are not scary are very unkind

i am not unkind

i am a person and i want to know why you hate me

i am not your enemy i am your friend but i am not crazy

in fact, i am really nice

i've been abused by you and thrown away by you, but i'm not abused only by you

i'm abused by lots

because of who you are, and who you are not

so when the dawn comes, and the sunsets i will always know, i am kind