we have to get rid of them, somehow, he knows too much, is too smart and agile and is online right now everywhere and he's a genius and he has money and there's a reason no one knows, about the things he knows, too, so how do we know him, just make something up

perhaps they know my deathdate based on their deathwork, so there's no urgency? 

taylor swift and johnny depp, even just by diverting attention terrorism offences (anyway, don't lose focus, it's too obvious)

in the event of anyone's untimely demise, it's kind of a new thing, it's kind of also noted

this organization can be classified like the mafia, dripped in a rapper's jewelery and cash-shows, such an Arab quality, not to be mocked, but admired

as a mafia, the whole group is entirely culplable

what happened to mina, i heard that nothing happened, yeah, something about a trip, where, though, somewhere abroad, i'm so happy for everyone, you have a great guy working for you

fake victim celebrity of another country is involved, and enabled and is using threats to do so, to control, and documents are fabricated everywhere, starting a long time ago, trying to even manipulate hospital workers, and fabricate anything, it is terrifying, these are terrorist(s)

little shake-ups, and their fake victimhood,

and the reason you can't search for Marilyn Manson and Taylor A. Swift, is that they are too shiny, too racist, another of my discoveries (all copywritten, not easy to come up with)

there are no victim(s) here, just me, so stop pretending to be a fake victim, Taylor Swift and "JOHN"ny Depp, the fakest of the fake victims historically 


we tried cutting him off from the world, we've literally erased every trace, somehow through individual determination he came back, and he keeps staying alive, against our will, so Thy Will Be Done

and I'm Going, To, I'm Going To Stay Safe

documents are being fabricated and Doug Emhoff and Dr. Jill Biden know and knew about it, and it is too late, upon my and Spiritual Determination, (teardrop)

Against your wicked will and ways, that you're still trying, so I don't have a "story" to get out, and Your Attempts to Throw Me Away won but failed so it's a fake win, and Thus The Escape Plan, The Godly Escape Plans, against your will, wicked bitch, stop trying, stop trying, you know how smart I am, Many Men Wished Death Upon ME, and Women Too, But I'm Alive, Because I'm Smarter, Stronger, Because of Me, not You, Because I'm Godly

they were there, two dressed in suits

This video parental advisory

did you forget while i was abusing/abusing did i? But I didn't forget about