Verbal harassment is a crime. You are guilty. 

do not be deceived, think for yourselves, exercise total free-spiritedness, people who harm others abuse in various ways; the most abusive person alive has found out a way to penetrate your soul(s) souls without your permission(s) permissions. Your life is valuable, priceless, not to be devalued, to make you slavish to someone else, but that's what's happening; an abuser has decided to inflict mass abuse, on every victim, to make each do as she wishes, like mass "hypnosis," sort of, but much worse; everyone is living for her, instead of for Real God.

It's just a re-write, with nothing new, is very scary, Lying is common. Abusing is violent. You are abuser. You are lying, and intentionally misleading. You do it for fun. You do it for kicks. You do it to assert narcissistic superiority. The article is too literal, not forgiving, aggressive, dictator-like, really scary, intentionally blank, foolish, dumb, scary, and attracts the scared. You are being abused too, Adidas, you need to seek legal remedy, because the article is factually inconsistent. It is riddled with bad tonality, is wrong most of the time, scary-themed, and, most of all, a mea culpa written with an attention to make someone scared into obedience, is nonsensical, aggressive, stupid, not naive, and written to kill. You are not good, but Evil