It isn't right

I was so sad

I remember what a bad person

Probably the worst

I remember hurt

A lot of hurt

It wasn’t right - it won’t be right and I wanted to right it

And I couldn’t

But now I can for her for he for a child

This is considerably the worst, most egregious offense to ever witness growing up

First, when someone dies, you show respect

When someone dies because of a bad person, you recognize them

I want to recognize them

I will

And you weren’t supposed to get away with this, even for looking at girls on bikes

Horrifying and horrific

Because Dion Hayes faced severe brutality all based on a pullover stop when he was younger, and those kind of stops like where did you see the speed limit sign are unjust

Anyway, don't let bad lawyers like Dale Hoskins-sort to say you're a victim, when you're not

and this rape this ongoing to take my victimhood is so pussy you undignified gross touchers groupgangraping to claim genius, you aggressive niggers