without marilyn manson and the seduction of taylor swift's easy consumption, who would the other torturer(s) blame for everything..."idk, maybe grandmama larry johnson, who played well, and was probably special to his team's fans, but you know certain fans aren't that special anymore, like yours, and not mine"

you've done it before, but you underestimated me, perhaps with other fans who knew too much, accused correctly of horrors not just humbleness right on, who knew how stupid you were, and selfish fake fbi's enabled by real fbi's to do it for more money, just regular empty-pocketers 

why holding, not wearing solemnly, randomly drifting mohair cardigans ($4 millionaire extraordinaire), resembling that worn by suicide advocate, 

and random baseball caps, brimming with

mastermind taylor swift knew about matty healy's nazi salute before she wanted to fakemarry his fanbase too help kill those she opposes

flee the cia's torture program and end up in the loving arms of the. fbi's torture program which has the same name?

Joe Alwyn is not a victim, a lot of fake victims, he enabled her documented abuse, who you don't see victimized but claim such with slimy women, corrupt businesswomen and enchanted murderers and rapists

“If anyone’s bad, I can lock them in it, and it’s soundproof.” Bryan Warner (real name TBD): Marilyn Manson (real name), Best friend of Jonny Deppressed at the time! As an enabler and one privy to other assaults, perhaps not a victim of a verbal accosting, and victimizing himself instead, he had an obligation to inform other women, and of course those who could have...

nice role model, who takes the role of school shooter, who will be held accountable finally, in God's name, you are the worst, the absolute worst, the scum of the earth, someone who is around a circle of Satanists historically the inspiration (directly Tree Paine: following with Phoebe Bridgers, Jack Antonoff, Matty Healy, Talor's not that fast.)

Preventing your kind, isn't easy; it's hard work, which you are guilty of trying to destroy the historty of, which doesn't represent those masked men and women, who bring down social movements for individual joys




tortured you are, wrestling with your consciences, maddening isn't it, hate crime victims, you are not, but propagators of hate, people who aren't kind, but make me feel gross and get bad feelings, right Mr. and Misses Innocent (who mocked y'all by suing for emotional abuse? was it Taylor Swiffy!! Wasn't it hard for you, to watch them cry, crocodile tears, of Kanye West's mother and father, who know what racism is, Artmaster Bush, warmongers, everywhere! Innocent, you are not, you dirty others, not a hero, but one known to have cured no one, scaring many off, today, at least

“(Mr. Warner, with Depp's still-admiration) repeated acts of mental, physical and sexual abuse that have left [his victims] with crippling bouts of anxiety, depression, panic attacks and PTSD,”

I did the impossible again. And again. And continue to; notice a trend? Don't be scared of this thing, or Phoebe Bridgers (friend of Talor's), who knowingly abused others, so as to protect this thing at times, so yes I'm unafraid, and you shouldn't fear this thing, nor them, because they're goners (but you are too, and just a normal person, who notices the painstaking efforts to unmask you, and reveal your idiocies, and such crimes can happen anywhere, but do away with the abuser if you must, but do it well!

They're tame, rn, so that's why they're being embarassed! Positions of power, too, can't enable you, and please note the head of every agency is God

You are not me, as I don't work for you, devil, you are quite the opposite, a leading despot, and your abuses are noted and listed, as I witness them, in an impending list of criminal, terrorism charges, racists, abusers, everyday criminals, never-been-seen-before, by someone who's never-been-seen-before, and killer kids, as well, potential school shooters, inspired by bad leaders, who shouldn't and still do (control your spouses, children, and leaders). Abuse in numbers doesn't work, nor does it internationally, because of domestic terorists, yes-forcers, 

Why would this go on if it wasn't to find you, trying funny things, hurting innocent people, raping for fun, well, no one harbors, and everywhere, always, will stay apart from the abuse victims, the false claims, the slandering, the smearing, the invoking of racism