people shouldn't kill, but people shouldn't also fight, and people shouldn't also struggle, but struggling is inherent in Life's Struggle, which is the killing of Evil for God

stop with the tricks and lures, stop with attempting to make the innocent dirtied! people who fall victim to Taylor Swift, succumb. She is a devil-worshipper, a money-hoarder, an anti-spiritual cowardly sort, who destroys, who isn't Godly

let's make a deal, and let me be the peace broker, banker. :) 

You stop killing, you say you love dreams, you hope endlessly, you really save dreams, you stop nightmares, you love people, you kill Satanism, you retract any racist leanings and words and say the opposite everyday and act accordingly, become Godly not for show but for posterity for your soul's permanence, which is so cool and crucial and fun and right!

People who are lazy sit and glare, put guns in mouths, mock to kill, lie to kill, steal ideas, while you toil, in the fields, while the slavemaster is crowned. You are not to be enslaved, you are not to fall victim again, because the most evil person is the one who kills, yes, but the worst is the one who destroys your spirits to laugh, disgust, and make you angry, like any morbid abuser

You guys are so weak. You can't bear what a man like me is capable of withstanding, and being genius simultaneously, which I am? Maybe, hopefully, it's good to be self-confident and think you can do it, too! 

Kanye West is not even hardly antisemitic, is not responsible for any hate crime (as I am an expert in this field! Love! Truth! God!). I know how it works, its perpetrators, its nature, its abusive fools who torture others with it, the rest are all fake, as they are false representations. Kanye's name is used in vain, like God's for war. He started a war against racism that continued lyrically till present day Concussion with Fivio, and do know that so many people love! Just it's those who hate who we have to hate with love! Get it? Lovers don't hate. Haters don't love. And haters gon' hate, and lovers are a manifestation of God

don't destroy God in your lives, and make it a spiritual mission to devote yourselves to justice, not revenge, as the FBI is protecting the American people from presidential corruption and governatorial sorts, too, and guess who your real Daddy is, tools? the Central Intelligence Agency, which is modernized and no longer abused by George W. Bush, who tortured, using a covert "Enhanced" torture program. That was really bad, and needs to be explored, as evidence of antisemitic bias, because he tortured people to enrich his happiness at your expense, laughing while you cried, chanting instead of praying, basically!

The Central Intelligent One, God above, reigns, as always, and isn't a fool, so don't try anything funny, sillies, and always love, because that's the m.o. while we're here, not money, so do the right thing, say you love, protect your money by giving it to God, don't kill, do love, do treat others with respect and dignity, wellness, full honesty, and truths! Behave, monsieur, you shouldn't dance while people cry

the pains

the sufferings

the indignity

the loss of life and protection of bloody murders, it's so terrifying to me, it's something that makes me quiver thinking about, to the bone yes, always, something that I've always found terrifying, and imagine their terrors, the domestic terrorisim you've brought here, the acts of hate, which are super rare, but the aggressive, antispiritual climate, the torturous flame-lighters, the foolish ganders, the destructive killers of dreams, the hopeless. Certainly.

There are people dead in Africa today, in America today, they don't know where their next meal is coming from, and that would stop if you were nicer!

i love your efforts to love! so love! do spread it, go over there, and treat the dying! Be good people, don't kill, do save! And do so with your money! Give it all to these aid efforts; it's a good thing, it is the objective, and it will save lives!

Hurtful people abuse others financially, don't be victimized! Be careful, instead! A common scam is telling someone they can't use a pic or video or words or threats just to intimidate; no one is scared when they have that much, it's the have-nots who are abused, sir! madame!

if you want to scratch my back, i'll let you have a Lottery scratcher, which is another area that's corrupt, but, destructive symbiotic relationships are everywhere, it's not super-shady, it's a power-abuse thing, in which the tough guy meets the smart guy and one becomes angrier, the other less addicted, through the struggles of others, who worked hard their entire lives, who didn't succumb to Satan, who instead are Godly

hunter is a 285 million $ man, that's a lot of dough, the struggling out here looking out for food, they ain't no ultimate cop!

bernie sanders-confirmed-beto-confirmed racist! Amnesty-confirmed Apartheidist, so, um, bro you gotta do better, Mister!

it is a good thing to have achieved the American dream, so others can dream, so life can be enjoyed Spiritually

where is the soul where is Godliness

it isn't monetary, it's something that leads to true wealth, which is emotionality, which needs to be expressed, to destroy abusers, people who trample on the innocent, who, in turn, learn how not to be so serpentine with loving acts of kindness and forgiveness, like our ancestors know, who suffered and cried, who shouldn't be abused, whose rage is not to become violent, but constructive and never constricted!

you are scared! of yourselves! you are scared! because you're cowards! because cowards are all evil! Bold people are Godly, and unafraid, always, so don't be scared of them, always! people were scared when scary people were more obvious, but now I know those are old experiences, that protect racist histories, the subjugation of truth and soul and heart and creativity, which is the hope of the enslaved always!

hopes remain! hopes don't obfuscate personhood, they create it, truly.    horrors are not my thing, but comforts are! God is my comfort! Religion and spirituality are intertwined, but the Satanists obscure individual truths, so others misinterpret the Spiritual as Anti-religiousm, which is the Holy Narcissist, a vicious Satanist, and the defining characteristic is destruction, not saviors of souls and lives! I love living! And I want you to enjoy life, too, and life is required for that purpose! Stop scaring people, abusers of power! Let my people go, Let God's people grow, Let's God's love show, not be slowed down AGAINST a person's hopes and will! Power abuse is a real thing, so fight the power, individually :) SO STRONGLY

as hard as you can

that doesn't mean fuck the power! it means love it and relish it so much that you become powerful when not, when you feel like you can't, you can and should be. because being is human, dying isn't, it's the opposite, it's inhumane, for sure, but I hate the concept of making people crazy, complicating things, and just want everyone to smile, laugh, and have a gay old time, thanks for trying at least, that's a clear and present objective, partying is super gross, enjoying is the opposite, it is elegant!

don't hate people for who they are, love everyone, don't harm souls, save lives, don't kill, don't abuse      don't, please, please? you are scary, so scary, don't frighten me - of course    scary people aren't allowed        people aren't that bad so it's super weird.     so, is cowardice a valiant trait, um nope

please stop, and learn, and smell the roses? they're nice and fragrant, as always, just a stroll outside!

to start a war, you need a rallying cry

a starting point

a perfect victim

a model of whom to kill

someone who is worthy of such Evil, someone against Evil, who is solely Godly

do not harm, do not injure, do not obfuscate truths, do not hamper truths, do not. 

people who hurt people are evil, those who repudiate Truth(s)

I do not tolerate being attacked, nor do I tolerate abuse,

so do yourself away with those wicked tricks, those awful sentiments, those peculiarities that only suit yourselves (not your selves!)

You are not a good person,

you are mean to me!

you hurt me!

you are scary!

i need hope! give me it! give. me ! HOPE<hope> HOPE

if you harm me, I will call for help and want remain silent,

i'm not a toy to be toyed with to be manipulated to be racially abused with linguistic tricks and tabloid fodder (to be sure!)

i love hope and people, and do not harm, so please? :)

hopes are truths!

hopes reign!

happiness comes!

i love life, and you should too! don't harm people, don't deceive others, serpents, because angels! Angels! hurting others is super evil, super-deceitful, super gross, so unGodly, be Godly, not gods.

evil people hurt others! deceive! and kill! I am scared of scary people, seriously, so.....::runs:: I love life, not death, so be vivacious and remorseful, and forgiving, too! that's how you stay Godly

false imprisonment is scary, so is it a foolish way, a way to destroy hopes and torture, abusive so so very abusive, yuck! 

people are so mean! I love nice people! but i'm not a subjugative person, ever! Rather, hope is derived from soulfulness !