I am not enslaved. I will not be enslaved. I will not whipped. I crack your chains, and won't join a chain gang.


I've shown my remarkable fortitude and willpower. I will not stand for abuse nor let it happen against anyone for an oppressor, nor do I support any form of violence; I'm a far better orator and writer than you. (I'm not a dier-I'm a liver. I won't self-destruct to keep you safe and sound)

Slutty is not that original nor is it to be euphemized to seem heroic but to destroy hopes of the hopeful, misogynist. Please fix the other misogynistic lyrics, 2day!

Rather than chastise Travis Kelce, the NFL leaves his video online. Meanwhile, M.I.A. is sued for $16.6 million by the NFL. Taylor Swift is a misogynist. She does not stand for us. She stands for you guys, who destroy to empower. I need M.I.A. refunded. Now! Let's do it, Justice! Taylor Swift is not that much of a mastermind, otherwise she would have done something by now, rather than glorifying and enabling the same behaviors, hurting women


[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[][tree paine, Taylor's best friend (one), did in fact work with Marilyn Manson for the most controversial part of Brian Warner's career

those without

love (should know that I don't know any soul that destroys more than this one, this one which is so boldly abusive so scary 

sometimes i think that the tides

are untidy,

but today, you are not stronger than I was.

Marshall cries, his mother dies and he cries more