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as inefficacious for others and self the certainty is there beforehands


after meal much more important than before

bonus content: government's school, government's police, FBI-CIA-Similars

please do know that God's words are to be used not abused, and a lexicon is beautifully expanded by the kind you persecute, not to take and rape but it's theirs, to ameliorate creatively and emotionally

this is major, this is not minor, but if a bitch gave head to you while you had a towel under the door, would you know that a nigga can't smoke her out, like if she got head, he'd really get fucked up more if that bitch was as ugly as that, to say even if i was high i wouldnt fucking use a bitch to fucking suck (and probably wouldn't fuck because she's like what you see when you're high, an effigy of yourself, so imagine fucking her while high seeing an effigy of yourself as a hallucination, and it'd be?