1776,  1776, 1776 so many mistakes, you've lost trust, i don't trust you anymore; you disrespected Your Father and mother, this is the time to Heartfulness 2023, 2023, 2023


middle-easterners was the last straw

fool me once, shame on me

fool me twice, shame on you

fool me three times, shameful u r, not me, and we are done, i'm moving on, while my work here is done to improve, to a new home: the United Kingdom, not the Australian Kangaroo Police (AFP, say hi!), eventually; it's pretty much been a ride, right MI6? Not really hahahahaha

no they weren't insane murderers being tortured, nor are they now, half the fux were not mistakes, chosen haphazardly apparently, as you say NO information was garnered that SOME were innocent and that's redacted (you know is the redacted names?

Hollywood is cool to some, but not to others; the Good Hollywood is moving too - eventually! I believe that the people in the arts that suck that invaded it aren't cool at all and think they are and that's weird because arrogance is artistic it's sexual abuse what you guys are doing to real artists, and it's terrifying to witness, so you can keep yourself, it's too late to change, i know that people like you don't care don't know God, but we do, because we're faithful and we fight that stuff, because we're emotional.

Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) bans all members of the United States Government and its supporters from his music and videos. The others will follow. Explanations are drawn and sounded on these pages, all of my work isn't yours either, nor are the gymnasts Olympic medals to count. Angelina Jolie's movies and clothing line are not to be consumed by supporters of child abuse. The Catholic Pope, not swayed by money nor pedophilic projection, has decided to mull the decision of excluding the United States and similar aggressors from Pray-ers, as the violations seem beyond recognition. The medical health community is in similar discussions, as is Evan, who says the FBI lies compulsively with the CIA and the national government, which isn't hers, it's ours indeed, the abuse victims, not yours, the abusers, who enabled pedophilia and sexual abuse and tortures of innocent gymnasts and Maddox Jolie and Zahara Jolie, all of whom had the opportunity more than once more than twice to stop. But you know when it cracked? When everything became clear. It's when you continually gaslighted this whole process, and abused even further, although you had the ability to stop; This will be historically known as my abuse as well, and they know me personally; not you, as you aren't artists, you are art-killers, like the person, whom is already receiving her just ends in the arts, and extra-nationally, so applaud yourselves i guess; once you abuse, you can't stop, once you kill, you can't stop, and once you lie, you're a liar forever, gl

Extra-nationally, your country could be blocked from other countries, by force, as you are going to lose membership in the United Nations; this is not a lying thing, when you veto it so many times, so many times, you're practically the lower end of it now, but other countries don't hate so much, involved in the worst torture in world history, and it is in the last decade, and the torturers are not punished (some employed, all employed by public institutions in the States; their crimes won't be hidden, nor will the FBI's/CIA's, and when it comes to abuse this severe, new measures and yes the suicide hotline; ever wonder why you don't know it's number (it took a long time to change it to? don't talk to ted bundy, previous official suicide operator lulz, truly he was; look it up; that's enough reason for mental health officials change of heart, particularly KAY, KAY, KAY, KAY, she is KAY not u so don't try her again, you scary government, she is against war, torture, psychological abuse, rape, incest, torture, brutality, psychiatric abuse, pillpushing, pfizer, merck, oppressive Silicon Valley tycoooons, Netanyahu, his government, fighters, the United States officials at war, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the House, lawmakers, and most of all, those punishing the wrong people in academia; you are chastised by an expert in mental health and one in discrimination; bad play, destroying Harvard's reputation permanently

Dark Prison, his captors stripped off his clothes, threw him down on the cold concrete floor naked, and threw water on him. It was pitch black but several interrogators, including an Arab man with an Egyptian accent came into his cell with a flashlight. One of them cocked a gun to the back of his head and said if he did not talk, they would kill him. They began to beat and kick him and then hung him up on the bar for the first time. 

The torture sessions after that increased in length as time went on. They showed him documents and photo. Another interrogator who he said frequently abused him at this facility called himself “Adel.” Al-Najjar said Adel was Shia, Lebanese. He was tall and had a scar on the right part of his lower lip.

this isn't a cartoon, i'm a real person, iono u, and i don't owe you shit, you pussies, scary jef dahmer had nothing on y'all fuck y'all have this shit redacted and you didn't even ask anything, you aren't weird, you're dahmer and his baby

 "President Joe Biden Is Trying to Keep the Abuse Secret." PBS

who is this person they said they didn't get any evidence so that was someone who your expert CIA (they testified! nice job lying!) and FBI tortured after or before, and you obviously didn't ask any questions, as hurting someone hurts the ability to talk, and so many others were confirmed innocent (they aren't lying, i trust them as you should too; so if one was innocent and another, and one who was telling the CIA/FBI important information that could have helped the country, as confirmed, then these are domestic and international terrorists