I am not stupid

I spent my whole life doing this

This was just yesterday, wow

when i was younger, i went through "a lot"

becasue of you, the Devil,

and I chose deliberately

to wage a war against you,

i'm a billionaire sure, could have done that,

that would've been easy, i put all that work like facebook, instagram, snapchat, all those inventions i could've put out there,

into Killing The Devil,

which is Eternally Valuable

i have authortiy to put my corgi flag wherever i want ANYWHERE AND EVERYHWERE

on the phone on the homes on the hearts and sleeves

but it represents my hometown, the United Kingdom, where my parents met

when i was young, i had a saying: don't hurt those who are already hurt; don't hurt those who are already hurting; don't hurt if you don't have to; if you don't have to love someone, then don't do what you don't want to do; don't hurt yourself, don't hurt yourself, don't hurt yourself

i hurt myself, i hurt myself, i hurt myself

my self it's hurt

that's where you messed up

you cannot hurt who you are

in fact, you can only help

when i saw the person ignore the homeless person, or worse mock him fighting with drugs, I got really upset, piping-hot mad, when i saw someone get hurt, a boy from a woman, when i saw a girl get hurt by a man, and then everyone is doing drugs an drinking, but the drugs say it's to celebrate, and i don't celebrate this way, but people make you do things, it is possible to be forced to do something, and to not blame others for what they did to you, to not err

i think it's most important not to err

i really do

don't err

doesn't that sound crazy

fake threat to public official law

over the years, hurting public officials who are good who could have stopped bad,

and I decide who I want to lead the charge

I decide how I want to lead the charge

I decide the cahrges for money and recognition,

and as you've shown what I can have, who I've become, The Man and Woman I Am, and most importantly was, that you won't get away,

and will never criminalize me for ANYWHERE ANYWHERE I WANTED 

You don't have to listen to me

You are the ones with the experience

 i do want to talk about it

it didn't hurt me

i hurt me a lot

i hurted a lot

a lots a lots a lots a lots

i hurts

i do not want victim

i do not want drug

no drug to victim

don't hurt them but Victims go crazy

I need my money, that I know for sure, can I talk to Karen?

i Also want to know you won't hurt destroy anyone again, like me, and I need to make sure

that all those who help you do so and who are doing so are stopped

I also am obligated to stop anyone in a similar situation, with similar aggressors

I do feel I am obligatged to get money and  I want it everywhere, I Want recognition, I desreve it, and We desreve it

You are not going to take that from me, and I remember you from before, so you got hurt well you hurt me, it's just not the same, and then fake and then friends and their benefitting children

Who is the most Innocent, it doesn't mean smartest

What happened to my clothes and why can't I buy them

And they say 

i love myself i love myself i love myself

i need myself i need myself i need myself

i want


to restore God

and kill anyone who tries to destroy God

all of those who tried to do so before and tried to get away with it

all of those who fucked me, muddied my path, created new paths when there were otheres that were blocked, while this was going on

and it still goes on

But it will not be forever

i see an animal weeping, it always made go into hysterics, why can't I give drugs to the person who hurt the qanimals

I see the aggressor, right there; So that's my life work

And signs with the people who enabled him

and i'm always way too soft but it just seems like that

it just seems that i'm a boy and a girl

I am a Man and a Woman

and i will stop anyone who tries to get in that path

the ones who mocked me

You want me to get help from there?

I'm the one who knows, I'm the one with autonomy,

for me it's about me,

and you want me to make it about others

well yes that's part of the story

I've lost so much,

I've gained so much? No, I wasn't

What did I not gain?

and they just sit there, Laughing as they embrace

I need complete avoidance of these kinds

And I need to learn how to help others I need to learn how to help others

How did I get help? Why am I never answered, never getting ANY contact, completely blocked

Who are you blaming? I'm the one who made it here. We are the ones who made it there

why are you expecting such perfection

You're going to realize I fucked up, I don't forgive and forget, right? Remember her? Remember her. Remember The REal Victims, and know who you are

because God made you a victim, you aren't a fake victim you aren't small you are tiny

you are a speck of dust

to the entire world

but you don't know shit, it's not about me, it's about what you, and i what i know, and how few people hate each other, who could have had more, if i had been involved, if we

i am fighting a different battle?

i won that battle.


you're laughing right there, it's because I woke up, You can't see me wake up

You can't stand to see The Innocent Resurrect


all the lawyers, the financial threats, the legal threats i went through without going through anything, never being contacted by anyone this WHOLE time, NEVER not once

only helped by silent angels

hi silents (new name alert)

as they hurt and pelted you, as syou went through the same, Be sure they know you've killed devil

destroyed Innocent(s)s Innocence when was that can you spell that out for me your pain so i know and it won't happen and won't be in vain

so scary these singers

hi Evan Rachel Wood

are you blue i don't like that color it is your fault Amber Heard i don't like him he's scary amber is lying she's the Angel and not the monster

remember amber alerts?

over the years, who put me here, crying out for help

not believed spat on disrespected while they laughed

with their kids,

look what they have i wish i could buy that

i went through so much,

and still? and it's their decision? who

amber alerts pt. 2

and it goes on Eternally

but i thought i could have thought stupid

no more abortion, no more capital punishment, no more suicide, no more bullying, no more swift music you hurt Kanye West the olne helping me and didn't want me to say

i'm hurting

because i'm she?

Because I am She The Innocent

I love God

I love Innocents

I love [insert name here]
Who do you love?


And why are you allowed to Love? Because of [insert name here]

This is the work of Mina S. Sargious, entirely, alone, with my own money time and effort

Thank you for your help MI6 and MI5 and for helpign me get my name and mission done, They Will Be Done

Jesus Take The Wheel, I'm dizzied in and in love We Are the Real Victims, in jails who could've helped, on the homeless streets who could've helped, who want to buy that dress that party dress :( i still want that party dress you raped me in that dress i didn't want you raped me for that party dress after and take my money and ship it to another person with Mi6 takeover order trust UK Government

and my story isn't my story it is our story, of all the people hurt, remember Native America that's a nice name

Innocent i like to change things

then you're stupid? drug party superbowl yaaaa i am super

bi-polar.co/ minasargious.com/ fbidot.com/

hi cleopatra, handle xxxtentacion's beautfiul tomb, for whomever knows death is life

and to know who I am in detail, because I am the one doing everything, and you're abusing me, still, but I conquered the Devil, the abuser, so respect my lovers

is china's mired struggle to kill muslims? how many muslisms are in China, and is this a black site that you're trying to deflect it's possible you're trying to introduce Islam or a variant of it, of which there aren't many or is that just planted entirely like crop circles, weird alien investigatiions okay trek intoo the unknown doesn't mean that, serial killer(S)s who hate all forms of human normality, which is emotionality, because you have none, psychopathic and bereft of feeling, callous and scary

fucking cult leaders weirdos killer priests are few and child predators among them are never, always fabricated to protect the worst pedophiles, not cutesy but violent torturers of Innocents, like the most innocent, and all abortions are forced, so men can speak about their God with their Mother

they'd rather get a random priest on child molestation charges FBI than Nexium cult leader that's because they're Satans

most are protecting boys and girls who are confessing

there are not that many trolls, only troll farms that are indeed only seemingly regulated, because they're carefully regulated, by guns

run by child predators and suicide researchers, but of kids

call centers that make those Spam Risk calls, which are always cries for help, reflect nations that are under siege, in hidden torture cells, everywhere, but because of financial tyranny by oppressive companies, trying hard to grow elsewhere

Omar Sharif has your son been abducted and replaced, and lost contact, because CIA has a great program for your involvement internationally

Woop Woop Egypt, calm down guys calm down gus, omar it'll be over soon ,promise :) UK got this