lilit pogosian md

your disgusting ass

you tried to kidnap me and send me to sex slavery

and no one even knows because of collaborative abuse

this is fucking gross

it's too late to fix, would only cause harm, you scary ass white supremacist, satanists, one in the same

fuck your sons everyone involved, like to see their weak Satanist asses conquer evil but the can't; they're pussies, similarly Devil

aggressive ass narcissistic psychopath pogo needs a halfway house? not really, half a home, better

no one Innocent is stupid, so these devil families are trying to do the same to Other Innocents still, so UK is the Way to God, I'd say, with MI5 as the point of contact, along with Mister Sinatra, who is a survivor, too

LSE is not TLD meaning not trademarked, in a sense it's copied, but transferred; this inference is based on that people who hate do so for a reason, and this charlantry, this pagenatry isn't particularly fashionable, and,as such, those who are sartorially inclined don't have that kind of outlet, meaning creative sorts are not able to make their own Buffalo Exchange, like Crossroads, where Ms. Haim works, still, in the back, and sometimes in the front; the flip is important, a folding phone which no one uses is unimportant, suggesting that having something available doesn't mean it's potent; importance is different than power: unimportant people do not have power, dichotomously making people crazy

sorry, Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, I cannot give you my full name, misogynist enablers

WHO investigation do you know Doctor Who, yes personally

it's like i'm talking to people who are clinically stupid and their brethrens, so contemptible

you know what's genetic, proud boys girls, iq 

eq ain't though

gq niggas don't mean i fuck without the middle eastern fashion scene, scenesters 

daisy told you to stop trying to be her friend, because she says mina is her friend, and you are not 

sometimes i think a fucking eight year old could've done a better job, good ass job don't mean that 

it's a game called you're a bitch, come get me, and i ain't fuck with poor bitches no more

and i redefined it, into the clown you are

so abusive, i am not crazy this isn't yours you aggresor stop saying i am to everyone weirdos so abusive and racist


i am not your harpist, stop harping on racism, harbingers don't work that way

can you spell blockchain or chaingang faster, because once you quicken you are enchained to a gang member

nothing is valid, it's laughable you renengade of funk lovers? stop sending official mail united states government; it's illegal you dumbfucks to send spam let's call it uni, which means college dumbfucks

and your inane sorts cannot have my online voting, banned in the us yesterday by mi6's mina

your families have been banned from HAIM :-O( no Kathy neither entirely

any niggers in your families will be sold like i said before, and we'll be enslaved as is natural or naturalized, a stupid word you illiterate fux

gross past couple of hours

recording? listening kiss mock mouth weird(s)s unintelligent scary poor-minded impoverished emotionally disgusten like donna snitched racism is to be taught because it israel it's real, low on the totem pole horribly raised, but your baby, not mine, so teach him how to be a man and respect, but it's too late, sorry Mother and Father Pfizer Family


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