if any element of technological torture is employed, the place where it is initiated is considered a place of torture (and to torture proprerly defined-way)

like when uc deleted my entire online account forever, that was proof that california is a cia torture site, and that the California Governor Gavin Newsom is a terrorist (previous involved, but currently, as involved in past,)

his connections to planned presidency i will need more proof of personal national protection then, employing the uc police department and other(s)s uncertainly already, to initiate FBI action, which has connections active in the United Kingdom and Japan  about what's going on that I just wanted more information about gross, because extra-national potential and current students and alumnus and perhaps other victims and MI6's Mina was um you fill in the blank(et) statements lol, and also family members like who are in the total dark, technologically abused, and also board staff members who aren't cooperating as well as others kind of abuse

reminder because this happened to other "political dissidents" (terrorist, yes you are terrorist, boss! sometimes you get fired up for no reason, like having a dennis rodman campaign to free yourself, and rodman to claim sovereignety, dugg couldn't, so to befriend 42 by force, it ain't work like that with 42's kinda weird, anyway, when that ugly lady with the pearl glasses and mocktails combine to form dance troupes, wtf, i have a lot to say, not everything i have to say) not really i'm saying that let this show that i'm being abused to do this necessarily, but I want to, and have to and have been doing so building up abuse after abuse every little torture so it's realized after now, posted that, sort of thing later and when and how

namely, obviously you're hiding more victims, who and where and why really is this necessary to do, read: necessary, i don't do anything wrong, didn't do anything to make me do this, it's just forced, sort of like torture, so it is torture

They want to say they have the military in their possession, but it's just the technological bruises that many women feel after they try to get help reporting this kind of thing, and it's getting monetarily related, so i would stop, as there's a tangential connection

this person and persons work together masked as stupid trolls, it's actually sophisticated hacking, they represent a wing of terrorists representing a cell elsewhere apparently, and centered here to abuse there, it's not a kid, but an older persons working with that kind of nonsensical abuse mentality (kids are forgiving, these are dark violents), with abusers employed directly to abuse, and this will halt now, stated this is a military operation conducted in psedu-conjunction with another, as another mark of desperation, employing this weapon, an actual terrorist cell with links to former officials, so this is considered a broad-scale portrayal of an attack, but not an actual one, also please leave kids computers alone, we evidence of pedophilia, and this will be considered a terrorist offense, pseudo-right now and true if it persists after now, because individuals area being paid to do so, by a state sponsored group, but without the proper documents, and is based in a offshore, they think free vpn thing, it's a triple-attack with financing based in, hate to say it, that place, the one you admire so much, a dark place, site, over there, not predicting text, but reading so to corrupt knowledge of their abuse, and this will be known as that kind of torture continued so it's an out of the country operation with connections to the cia torture program propagated from here, it seems, but payment is involved from a fake foreign, so be aware of that, noted.

This military operation is considered cyberterrorism, and didn't stop when asked to, so is considered anattack on worldwide barebones infrastructure, such individuals are financed, so it could be problematic to fundamental operations, just to say this individual is working on behof an individuals, not together, but with, so to say is automatically a terrorist, to be screened for, representing that abuse corner is not funny, is working on behalf of an individual, not a corporation, guised as a military figure, but is actually a pseudomilitary figure, not paramilitary, but as a police officer-sort who has certain abuse tactics at that disposal, so just know that you have considered a trigger offense, meaning "a trigger offense" is known to threaten to push triggers, thank you for your participation, i guess?

terrorist activity often has murmurs, quiet rumblings, like i think we should attack so and so day, that was the projection from the afghanistan war, to create today's crises, namely the one involving such weird military offenses, and it's kinda gross