Being without oneself is always problematic, mostly paradigmatic, sometimes subtle, always standoffish, and please note that people don't harm themselves for fun, only for rejection of traditional ethics. Do not injure others. Do not injure yourselves, more importantly. When you injure yourselves, you put your finances at risk and that's more than a mere annoyance

If people go crazy, then others will be affected. When you try to make someone crazy, the world at large is in danger. People needn't harm otheres. It shouldn't. People allow acts of hatred to occur because they're morally deficient. Moral definciency is a problem universally, across all genders, colors, and religions. Do not lie. Do not kill. Do not injure. Do not be thrilled when saddened. Sadness is to be learned from, but not destroyed nor avoided nor quick-fixed, and all people should remain dedicated to life, and avoid the people who make them confused, small, self-serious, stupid