Taylor Swiffy, you are no longer Taylor Swift. You are TaylorSwiffy TMZ TTYL TLC (3LW) is angry. Therefore, when, the soulnessness makes others scorn you sinner. You are banished. No longer! Fool! You think you're a fool for her, but you're a slave to another, a holy One, but you must become Saintly!

do not rewrite history by appealing to kiddos, because that's gross, and please don't abuse others to become artists, who kill with their decrepitness who sold their souls to kill, but Godliness! That stays! It will remain! In God's Holy Kingdom, world

if you're scary, you'll be scared! don't be threatened, but be scared, because God is not to be feared, but LOVED (Godliness, forever and ever, AMEN!), and don't think you're a coward when you're a saint, because cowards aren't saints, and devils are cowards,and Godly (and your crew love ain't real, insidious world-subscribers)