If you are living within the UK and you have information that relates to an imminent threat to life or property, please contact the police on 999 or the police Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321

Members of the public who wish to contact SIS with a general enquiry may do so via PO Box 1300, London SE1 1BD.

If you have information that you think will be of interest to us.



All media enquiries should be made through the FCDO Press Office 020 7008 3100 or email newsdesk@fcdo.gov.uk


You can dial the emergency lines using out of country codes, calls are not always free but their pennies and texts are free not related to your drug addicted

I am sorry, I was scared

You can call and text freely, that's part of the abuse, text the number jam it i'd love your info


some famous writers seem weird like can't help media can't help but need help and some compromised some profiles of loosers fake bar affiliation broder?

this is just one guy, wow I AM TERRIIFED SHITLESS

the hardest comes to the hardest

it's not one guy one gal this is extreme

don't blame elon musk for social media, he's the good guy, don't focus that way

this wasn't easy to do, mi6 all the way

it's not going through, it is, part of the abuse, do you know how to dial international numbers, is it apple/android different? (green - android, blue - apple)

do you know how to dial from a webpage to phone, it's so stressful and hurtful and physically painful

This is the only legitimate contact source right now (United Nations can be contacted through them), and Japanese contacts (they speak English well), and the translators I provided are helpful (physical and online, links provided, search with magnifying glass, repeating myself

don't travel alone, and don't let your parent(s)s do so either, this is forced, it is rape

it is hard to fight

i fought and fight and fighted it

let's keep fighting and stop fighting

leave the taylor talk alone for now: currently, a distraction; she's neutralized

it is so hard, even for me, honestly, it is, fighting like no other, fake victims not fighting, not enough with that talk, be smart

it is terrifying, but be stronger, it's usually that last inch where people give up