Taylor Swift is the actual White National Leader

She works with poowerful politicians, on both sides of the spectrum, for White Nationalism

This is like 1960s Civil Rights Movement, but worse

These indivduals are not just water fountained, but not exterminated, but tortured

She is the worst human historically, worse tghan most combined, and works to do the artsy side of White Nationalism

White Nationalism includes members of all creeds and colors, as it is satanism.

I defeated the devil, and it's just satanists.

UC Irvine, UC System, had a direct role in this, as they forwarded my praying information, along with satanists then there, to kill me and others, and reverse prayers, which isn't possible, as I've shown; they are individually going to Hell, and are liable for much earthly damages, only to enable drunkards, themselves, collectiv energies (as it's a gamem, she makes you feel good for a second, then cuts you down, then up again - as an experiment in collective narcisisstic abuse, to enable a few, a group, the elite White Nationalists, as protected by their forces.)

It's nothing new, didn't happen overnight, or even since she became popular among your top chart lists, but has been codified historically, and no I'm not dumb, stupid, nor dumb.

satanism of course is aimed at people of color, but only the Spiritually Colored, not those who hate other colors and love their own, just the same.