Benjamin Netanyahu is cool and chill, then he lost his chill, but his chill isn't lost sometimes, so only part of the time, and time isn't a part, but a whole, something true. People, when someone makes you feel bullied, when someone makes you feel like you lost your humor, when someone makes you feel your language is unvalued, when someone doesn't like the sartorial flair you thought would be impressive, they are a bit antedeluvian, my friend, and please remember that hurtful words reverberate and echoes of horrid pasts. those echoes. those cries, those tears, those pains, those sufferings, the mental anguish, the torture of the mentally ill

the torture of the mentally ill

 the torture of the mentally ill

the torture of the mentally ill

the torture

the cries, the screams, the unheard battle cries, the shut up voices (when people fucked with the wrong souls, so they lost their hard-earned emotionality, because of sterilization programs, that have made you lose so many valuable souls)

don't kill Jews! don't say so! it hurts me, when someone hates, when someone discriminates, when someone cries, i hear the racist's echoes, the you should have tried harder to prove yourself, the you are weaker sentiment, the dangerous atheistic Stances, the foolish accruement and wastinyg of money,  the illegal behaviors, the sartorial garishness

you have killed so many Jews, not just Crazies, and everyone needs to know that you are not who you pretend, because others knows you haven't self-become yet, and that's an entirely Spiritual venture, you've refused Communion, and that's an abomination to me, to Godliness

don't encourage fighting, stop it! if you can't, then don't be scary, be kind, scary!

abuse! it's so scary when someone goes through it. it's like someone stealing a heart, just to fuck it up, stealing a soul, stealing propriety, making someone compulsively watch for the next move, like, um, is this nigga sane or fucked up because when the realists understand that Satanism isn't a valid philosophy, then you have to act spiritually, and that's the end goal here, not destruction of character or anything like that! I love life, and want you all, too, so much, so please be kind to each other - but don't overdo it, as flattery is insulting, scary, and abusive, as well, and don't harm, don't kill, don't destroy, don't be someone they are running from, always stay, as staying power is what makes a man from a boy; hope. God is hope. God restores, not evil, and do make sure to note that love remains...even after war, so be Godly

torture of victims process : racist act. 

abusive act.

torturous act.

lying act.

fearful act.

scary act.

murderous act.

destructive act.

disgusting act.

disturbing act.

disgusting people accusation

dirty people accusation

dirty people accusers

dirty souls are not to be hidden (charlantry), stupids, only Godliness.

What? a bunch of insulting horseshit? HOLY, wholly Christ!


you guys are not well and need hospitalization for verbal abuse!


Jamestown Foundation Senior Fellow is husband, aider of a torturer! don't terrorize by verbal abuse, do report verbal abuse to the FBI, for terrorism is not just abroad, but domestic terrorism shouldn't be propagated, and must be stopped, for fears of reprisal in Israel, here, and everywhere! Stay safe out there, Americans. this initial attack, this domestic terrorism that was rewarded, initiated a cascading effect societally and worldwide, as it was published, but not publicized, nor critiqued! Fools, listen, you initiated a terroristic attack, and must stop trying to hide it, to kill Jews? How stupid! STUPID. You are supposed to heal others, always, and make sure lives are forever, not temporary, silly trickster!

people shouldn't be fooled! you fooled others into believing this never happened, as it's disgusting! I do not tolerate insults, abuse! Your abuse shouldn't carry over, but it has spilled over, because that's where attacks are more possible, and revenge is sought because of your cowardice, which isn't revealed fully, madame or sir or them. Be nice to me! I have nothing. I give to God, and will continue to do so, often! I hate Evil, (grossout), and I love God! Saying that someone hurt someone is important to know, not snitching, because misbehavior has to be stopped so as to not reoccur, and I hate hurting Jews! They're my life! But you hurt the Jews, by hurting the Muslisms, who blame the Jews, who shouldn't be blamed, because people are people at the end of the day, not toys. Do not toy with me, be human, and humane, not cowardly and insane!

Abusing others financially echoes horrid times. Making others objects is horrid, abusive, foolish, cowardly, dumb, so weird, foolios. Be nice, don't give and take, just to kill! Why so aggressive! Why so demeaning! Souls are permanent in God's kingdom, but when you're attached to the dirt, you decay! People who are Jewish deserve respect for their histories, and that's tolerance, not to be toyed with! Stay soulful, y'all, and avoid that devilish trickshit, it's dead on arrival, and God is the only way to Godliness, where I'll remain. Godliness

Remember trick-or-treating, now it's ALL OUT at the Local Sweet Factory,

please remember that there are alternative to trick-or-treating, like partying on YouTube

it's a safespace, no it's not.

that's why Taylor Swift introduces The Eras Tour For YouTube Kids, featuring the anthem "I Forgot That You Existed"

i hate people who don't laugh 

those who cry at gravesites instead, the Phoebe Bridgers witchcraft shit, who howl at the moon, like fucking werewolves, 

how are you celebrating in Israel?

here, you can celebrate at the local mental facility, it's so fucking funny, seeing

little kids wheeled around, old men in suits and ties smelling like Macy's Perfume Counter