kevin hart is a tall giant angry at the jolly green giant's illustrated book about birds, as they are harder to come by now, often requiring FBI Special Agency cooperation with FBI Special Needs team doesn't mean that

listen, Dale, it's not happening i know your friend paid a lot and is vip but fbi don't mean fuck behind insolently 

and it's getting henry-like, but henri cole is gay and likes swimming, and was once threatened while scuba diving with you, too, and you said what - i hate scuba gear even on you

since Jay Leno's is everyone alive meaning pulse check not coat check is under his tlc, i'll let him know personally that he is not Conan, and they still fight all the time

if Susan Lucci has five on it, does that necessarily mean she's a drug dealer or a card shark who is always in Vegas not as a Showgirl, because Elizabeth Berkeley was saved by a bell, meaning an alarm, which should be alarming as clocks tick and i hate tik tok and it is there for abuse rzns, like ig

strange so quirky i amn't

i'm trying to understnad the ideology of white lives matter and neo-nazism and white nationalism and i didn't know you were each fervently Natives?