Be hopeful, not seductive. Be real, not destructive

God's infinite capacity for forgiveness

stop being weird

be nice always

respect hopes

don't seek revenge for no reason.

be happy people.

people abuse others,

some take advantage of kindness, some abuse it, too, and hope to, forever. stop stealing dreams and hopes, and stop harming the harmless. and make sure people know who you've become, and that's the point. always express yourself, and don't hurt others. hurting others? why? there is no point to that. everyone must seek self-improvement. spirituality is not a sickness. despair is a sickness until death. don't abuse others. don't harm others. don't take others' hearts, to seduce the world. the body shouldn't be destroyed. no one is abusing anyone. no one is telling anyone to do anything. stop harming others for pleasure. it is not a game. monsters don't heal, they don't use others to heal, and they certainly don't abuse themselves to heal. seeing hopes is first and paramount. and always recognize intentionality. and do seek the truth, without abusing others just to feel good. you have to be cautious with people. people are not playthings. they are not conduits. they are the souls. be wary of whom you're seduced by.

feeling hopeful means not being someone else. it means being yourself. don't harm someone to kill them. always seek prayers. be God's baby. Don't hurt anyone. And please don't seduce. Seduction is murder. It is the serpent. The serpent must slither away into HELL, please and now.

i'll see you hopeful

respect women's autonomy. don't make decisions for them. stop putting words into their mouths, making them appear helpless. liberation is cool. stop subjugating. allow people to be whomever they wish. what's with covering up? Feel free, and respect yourselves. Be cool, and be not dogmatic. God is not your toy. He won't be abused. Stop abusing God. Your agenda of Satanism falls on itself always, drifting from lie to lie. Also, the Los Angeles Times hired a known abuser. She tortured someone I love. I will not forgive her, nor her attempt to imprison her fellow Christian. She is shiny, not Wonder Woman. She should not toy.

Also, low-waisted clothes do cause trouble for differently shaped people. It's a current problem. Fashion doesn't cater to men. However, do any of the innumerous people have video of that or is that made up to? It's not corrected, because hopefulness is always, and people are free to learn.