Hurting people for no reason is sucky and murky and makes me question others' sanity which isn't a sane objective and makes honest people question the need for anger: an emotion that isn't cool - ever, really, and which makes others go insane and kill peeps 

people shouldn't kill nor should people bother. but when people steal to harm and make others cry because of doing so, then they'll have to stop scaring each other into madness! when someone hates everyone then there are problems.

people who harm do so to make themselves feel lucky to feel omnipotent to feel sexual to steal to harm to injure to have fun to laugh at people to kill SOULS

the worst crimes are those committed to advance oneself for pleasure on an ongoing basis, sexual torment through the mind! it is a real thing, it isn't mere annoyance, it is perversion and passion misdirected. men rape men. it happens in football locker rooms! it's worse when it's psychological-sexual. men/women/trans join in. when you are a victim, you don't speak up. it happens to only a few, who can't fight the ways of molesting souls and molesting innocence the molesting of dreams and heartfulness and God women are just as evil as men are just as evil as trans are equally evil

do you love Marilyn Manson or GOD more? do you support crazy people or  your mom more? do you hate for no reason or for some reason, and do you like hearing others' voices


 don't manipulate innocent spiritual people, and don't fuck me up, you sexual deviants and strange people in power. celebrities are just women and men. they aren't great

Thousands of Harvard affiliates signed a joint statement published Tuesday condemning the deadly attack on Israel by militant group Hamas and calling for the retraction of student group signatures on a statement that held Israel “entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.”

Following Hamas’ surprise invasion of Israel Saturday morning, during which militants kidnapped more than 100 Israeli civilians and killed more than 1,000 Israelis according to Israel’s Army Radio, Israel declared war, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the launch of a full-scale counteroffensive into Gaza — a Palestinian exclave presently controlled by Hamas.

Airstrikes fired as part of the Israeli counteroffensive have killed more than 900 Palestinians in Gaza, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

The Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee and more than 30 other student groups faced fierce backlash from students, prominent faculty, and national politicians for signing a statement Saturday saying that Israel’s “apartheid regime is the only one to blame” for the violence.

everyone isn't wrong. everyone isn't right. respect alternate opinions. these are educated. these are not evil. i am not evil, i don't involve myself in the problems a RACIST (Bernie Sanders, Beto O'Rourke) and APARTHEID (Amnesty International). don't be brain-washed, anyone, as you are supporting a racist and apartheid right now. that isn't good, and a lot of disgusting people help each other young women old farts strangers. no one can be omniscient, know- it all, so let's listen up and encourage peace (no innocent killing! none!) and protect ourselves from the Devil in favor of GOD, ALWAYS

African American Resistance Organization

Amnesty International at Harvard

Bengali Association of Students at Harvard College

Harvard "Act on a Dream"

Harvard Arab Medical and Dental Student Association

Harvard Chan Muslim Student Association Harvard Chan Students for Health Equity and

Justice in Palestine Harvard College Pakistan Student Association

Harvard Divinity School Muslim Association

Harvard Middle Eastern and North African Law

Student Association Harvard Graduate Students for Palestine

Harvard Islamic Society Harvard Law School Justice for Palestine Harvard Divinity School Students for Justice in Palestine

Harvard Jews for Liberation

Harvard Kennedy School Bangladesh Caucus

Harvard Kennedy School Muslim Caucus

Harvard Kennedy School Muslim Women's Caucus Harvard Kennedy School Palestine Caucus

Harvard Kennedy School South Asia Caucus. Leadership

Harvard Muslim Law School Association

Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee

Middle East and North African Graduate School of Design Student Society

Neighbor Program Cambridge

Sikhs and Companions of Harvard Undergraduates

Harvard Pakistan Forum

Harvard Prison Divest Coalition Harvard South Asian Law Students Association Harvard South Asians for Forward-Thinking

Advocacy and Research

Harvard Undergraduate Arab Women's Collective

Harvard Undergraduate Ghungroo

Harvard Undergraduate Nepali Students Association

the harvard students, then, are mostly right. nuance is a word meaning slight difference. so not much is different in his opinion, i think, as well, you can see idgaf leave me alone because i ain't in palestine or israel. i'm a united states guy. not a fucking weirdo fucking around with strangers wars, that are necessarily murderous. care about world crises and deaths?

fix peoples' murders due to no food  because a lot of people are dead because of food starvations