I am not your bitch.

Do not fuck with me 

I will say, though, that violence isn't the answer.

Nor is manufactured terror and fear. 

When one is scared of something that is so not YSL/Gunna that is more Weird Al Yankovic and Donnie McClurklin, I think you have a pathological anxiety disorder.


being that scared isn't real

you're lying

or paranoid

but yes stop being afraid.

it's not a good thing.

always live for God.

He provides protection, and makes you strong

Do not threaten anyone

Do not make people fearful

Do not harm


Where abuse is worse than physical, although both are pretty bad, and mental abuse has physical consequences. think which is longer-lasting. you are not a victim. that is narcissistic abuse. 

Your bitch doesn't even do the right thing. She is morosely evil person. She fabricates. Manipulates. And destructs.

But who was holding the sword that went through my skin


no thanks, fools. i only roll with God. your atheism kinda disgusting, all of y'all

but, yeah, i ain't militant. hahaha. that's paradoxical. so evil is threatening and demeaning and taking advantage of others and not translating life correctly and abusing to do so

but yeah your plan stupid as fuck

because devilish trickery fails when God's alive simultaneously

are you proud to be muslim? because i am. i am christian. i am jewish. i am godly

don't fuck around with G's legacy. i live and bleed it, bro...man you softer than ever and so drama-fond

i will not be threatened

i will not be threatened

i will not be threatened

i live for others and myself, too

to live for others, put yourselves first. it's a health thing, too. i wasn't teaching you, boss. i was teaching the ones who need to avoid your abuse (sneaky ones, that have never really been described in detail)

shame on your robbing that person of their dreams and the dream she always had within and don't you dare manipulate our always professional works

sometimes hunter brought pizza hut, sometimes he brought crosses he always brought himself, which you failed 2 do and harmed him because of that. because there is always hope, not destruction, and I hope you know that hurting others is evil

fear isn't godly

fear is vile.

it means you are afraid of your souls

god doesn't make people fearful

when you lie about fear, you lie about your soul, which is a further abomination

dont abuse your roles.

you aren't meant to harm others and kill souls and determine soulfulness

you indeed aren't to harm or subjugate logicality 

and to lie

to a priest, which is evil

do not lie to anyone really

uc irvine's founder of the first video game program SUSPENDED the entire muslim student union

leaving atheism to spread like wildfire with approved organizations you can still meet at

meanwhile it merely suspended a sexual offender, traumatizing

do you want to do something or contribute to that offense?


it's not a one-off

Or the time I reported the hall lecturer for saying muslisms resemble grim reaper

thanks for that thorough hard investigation, which never occurred, and i was gaslit so bad

do you support gaslighting or do you actively fight against that?

avoiding is a way of abusing, so please don't give me the silent treatment anymore. it's been 2 long. and i am not silenced, thanks for your hard work at making people louder

can't talk to which three people? whom? anyone? world at large? anyone? any one? anyone? who now?