america isn't racist, but certain leaders and politicians and fbi officials and cia officials are, this guy isn't stupid, this guy is known to be violent, scary, lacking in peace and peacefulness, may attack without provocation, may learn to hurt someone important for racist humor, for the energy it takes to be a racial justice pioneer, or whatever is left of him, with such stupidity to call someone stupid, who is so careful and kind, so opposite to and of you, stupid violent person

as such, i would ask and politely request all of these racist abusers to leave me alone, because i don't deserve it, i really don't, as you have shown extreme abuse tactics, those which are so harmful societally and poison rationality

I should not deal with such stupidity, and I won't be forced to, & and on behalf of every civil rights leader, every intelligent person poisoned with cyanide, say, before their time of glory, I say that I do not appreciate it, nor you

at all

People who know how to kill are extremely skilled at smelling vulnerabilities, of which there are many with some of us, those who are strong are strong because of our work, not because of their violence, and I do not want anything to do with the United States President nor whomever governs California nor policewomen nor peace officers, if that's their preferred title, because it's entirely harmful to my constituency, my heart, to know what it is to be them, as I'm entirely opposite to someone who makes no sense, who is crazy and murderous and monstrous, as well.

People who abuse are typically unintelligent, so I would ask you to leave me alone, and I mean that, and I can say that, because just because

People in this country aren't stupid, nor racist, but certain individuals are, some are not allowed to read me, because of that, just so I'd ask you to leave me alone, and stop pretending I'm someone I'm not.

It's just beyond awful, and entirely scary, it is, to the world, not me, I'm not a scared nor scary person, that's you and yours

What's left, I have a lot left, I have shown that, don't believe that they've taken everything through incoherent, racist actions. You have lost a lot, someone very important wasn't taken, I'm still here, let's get a remix to this revolution I started, I'm alive, breathing, and each day is a chance, it wont be as strong nor as forceful, they raped me for that ability, using abusers and racist actions, so I will still be here, and I know there are other victims, elsewhere, and I'm not the dumbest nor stupidest, but political poisoning happens all the time, societally, in the United States of America, is happening currently, and I'll consider it a crime on the lower levels, too, involving abusers and racists trying to take what's left of my fight against racism, as I'm still a person, cool, right?

there is no ongoing investigation, no one is doing anything, as it's an ongoing act of political chemical poisoning, they need to admit to their wrongs, not make them look normal, which they are aren't; they are emotionally incoherent, and enable the worst kind of behaviors, such a gross abuse of power, and I am still fighting back, because that's what fighters dom, and this does need to be rectified immediately, this act of political chemical poisoning happened at the police level a long time ago, in the most racist fashions, and ballooned into what is today, there is no need to even listen to them, as I still try to, because it's all just a the same abuse of power, and it's current