Hoping? Continue to. Pray don't deny. Hoping is cool

People who hate you are hard to fight back against? Emotionally impoverished doesn't that, it means that they have no emotions, and cannot reciprocate your emotions, and these people do exist, make money the wrong ways, often becoming women you think are cool, but don't resemble your real mothers, have no good intentions, only bad morals, even spreading them surreptitiously, seeping through the previously uninterested. People who hate you are common; do you know their hearts, though, and how they become hateful, is it just that they are? Is it that they're sick? No, not really; people who hurt you, hurt you, hurt others with you, but not because of their "kindness," which is fake entirely, a way to make you unhappy, not she, break you apart from your families on holy days of communion, like the upcoming holidays, so don't be devoted her to this season, only your real families, which you should be spending money on regardless 

Do not be dismayed when you don't get action or "not retribution" immediately, actualize your safety! Soon, you will be safe enough, and it's not "corruption," it's individualized abuse; as those who want and lust and cry for power, and help you vote for them, root them on just the same and support them for their safety, not yours, are just person at the end of the day, who has you dearly confused

She is indeed not "not normal," she is not "abnormal," so to speak. She isn't a group of people, but herself. The first person in history to do this: blame an entire race, almost, for her to become famous, which she did mocking him to do so, his family, those who care about him, not just because of bloodlines, or whatever, but because of truly understanding him and her. It's a microcosm I guess: taylor is the opposite of kanye, she is more than the opposite of me; she is a persecutor, not persecuted, a criminal without any heart. She hates me, but not because of me, but because of who I am: someone diametrically opposed to violence, am ambivalent to fame and its prize of narcissism, but you are not the abuser, (not reader - disparaging term), just made out to seem crazy and evil, violently!