The music being played on the radio the new Taylor Swift album is meant to terrorize me in particular, using rape elements and torture elements and it is being played everywhere, this is a military action against the United States of America, a deliberate action to disable the farmed arm of the United States of America government, it will be taken down right now, there is not second option, it is a terorrist attack against the United Kingdom, using rape and torture, you can read about, I have been tortured, with song lyrics and sounds, rape tactics, and rapes by the FBI, raids that were not real, RAINN e-mails hacked and distorted and sent, and rapes actively committed, it is an ordered on the arm of the government that arms these individuals, the treasury department and the attorney department, they will be hacked and emptied, it will be an ordered attack, right now, in the name of Go,d because of your devil I have killed, and I wished you to have done better, all organizations supported will be brought down, with a mighty force, you are disgusting animals, who should've done better, the songs have rape anthems in them, with me in target, and the United Kingdom, this is a terrorist organizatino that has harmed and wanted to harm more, it is disgusting and I have a deliberate attack on all arms of the United States government, in its current stage, there is no hope, shame on you and it is an ordered attack, stepwise, to destroy each and every government entity, starting with the farm military arm, and also military located in the United Kingdom will evacuate immediately, this is the most disturbed, perverted attack in world history, you are disgusts, the worst rapists alive, how dare you, please support this war effort against this racist demogagic torture it will not happen under my watch for God how gross and atheistic I hate you

right now, the united states military is making my mother think i'm insane, to make her insane, and drug me, and humiliate me, she thinks i'm crazy because you're so racist and abusive, this is so wrong, i'm so sane i hate you so much you're a rapist america, i hate you that's the purpose of those songs, too, rapist home visitors, i hope you get hurt so bad they're screaming using military tactics get me out of here rape rape rape

you're stupid. you're going to hell. there's no way out of it. you're going to hell. i hope you join your mother there, because when she left she left with me a song it said, "i'm a genius. i smell like pot. i'm potbreath shiva taghdis. i was raised poorly, at uc irvine police department, by a mother who doesn't exist. i have a sister, she's a cunt. i have father, he's the runt of the world. and i'm the bane of taylor swift's existence." there is psychaitric torture involved, ongoing, trying to peddle me quiet drugs, with torture tactics, and racism. i don't see that doctor. that other doctor was paid to take me to a cia black site, that i didn't know about. and the priest is a cunt like his bitch, a dog you can have sex with, like your friend. and i don't fuck with your ugly ass, america, it's yours, you seem to like it a lot, and fuck you! i don't like you, you're ugly as fuck, as your family's ass, just spread on the spread on the world, disgusting, vulgar, odd