shut down groups committed to ending racism that aren't universal. racism doesn't affect one person only. it affects us all. when it happens, society loses its hopes, dreams, and souls, those who know life know it isn't deathly it is hopeful and forgiving and always gives you options to improve and to progress and not to stay focused on one person, but on those around you, who color life and give it meanings you never knew it had, becaues you don't have the same experiences and stop hurting yourselves and your cultures in the name of your deranged souls, to prove anti-spiritual points which are emotional in themselves and not logically founded, and do be sure to credit yourselves and others with your successes, because that's the nature of racism, stealing from homes, stealing from people who know struggles, those who know how it really is, those who know that life isn't a game to be toyed with, those who don't harm others for no reason, those who are commmitted to saving souls and preserving health in the world, and that health ends up being spiritual, not scary. when life ends, you'll know whether it was worth it or not, not right now, and if you harm souls, you destroy their bodies afterwards and that's super-cowardly and bad and evil and unlikely to do anything positive for your souls at the end of the day, and do make sure that others aren't harmed by your buffoonery, but that's your commitment, and it's really pathetic, not worthy of saving and do know that killing people is disturbing and always has been. but you know what's worse? incarcerating them. literally. putting them in cages, mental and otherwise, because those kill the ability to speak freely about your faiths, to praise God unceasingly, as is our aim and intention first and foremost, and hurting others, spying how to harm, is always evil and scary, and a means to destroy, and she and I know that life is beautiful, not ugly, and that people will find hopes in themselves, but that hope comes not from your self; it was given at the start

who do you trust? someone who's spiritual, and committed to that. or someone committed to karma? a lot of stuff you read is made up by evil people. don't harm others in the name of yourselves. sometimes, people record their lives. it isn't to harm others. it's so they know they were honest and saintly, to know how they know themselves and that's critical, and to not belittle others, because doing so is harmful to people. do not harm others for no reason, and know anyone can be bad and good, good and bad, and no one is absolved for being a certain way, who has a core of hurting others for pleasure, and that isn't a good one, and to learn how not to harm, because harming others is self-destructive, which isn't a good life objective, it's horrifying to see and to witness. when someone harms someone, they take money from them. when someone takes money from someone, they harm them. when someone steals, they kill. when someone kills, they try to be famous. it's something ingrained in a racist world. people act heroic, then kill the hero. don't give outlines of how to be misogynistic, and don't kill for fun, and abuse to laugh, because internally harming yourself is worse than harming others, externaally the opposite is true, and it will remain so. don't harm families just to stay someone else and learn that no one can make you not yourself when you learn how to harm others for pleasure and to kill the souls of dreamers, to assert domination, to not be unforgiving. because that's important to be yourselves stupidly; do not abuse others with jokes and slanderish commentaries and please know that life isn't a joke, it is serious, because this is not all there is and there always will be more. don't abuse, first of all. people aren't to be weaponized against others! do not harm someone to be someone's puppet and learn that people will harm by force sometimes or all of the time. if she was a weapon, someone would have been hurt, not with Pete Davidson? huh? someone killed kanye, that was you, and you are not who you say you are, a victim, but someone much worse, a Satanist

racism isn't born or dead overnight. it is long-established and codified, almost passed down in the blood. it takes time to create and to end. you must take a stand. it takes personal experience and fortitude; you aren't the same if you've chosen to avoid it or not fight it. you will find the racism in the world and fight it everyday and try to kil it. you will be committed not to yourselves, to artists like Kanye West, who are committed to life, committed to its end from the START. you will find those suffering from it, and try to heal them all. no one will be excluded. it is not an adventure, it is something that takes strength and courage. saying something isn't doing something. being a passive bystander doesn't mean shit. you have to colors and dynamics, and to kill that and not contradict it and to stay steady always. you must fight peacefully. with words. not scary actions, not being vengeful. By seeking justice, like MLK Jr., and not revenge, like his destroyers and those who eventually killed him, who chose to destroy everything, who made his life confused and made him think too much, get stressed for no reason and make him think he wasn't who they wanted him to be, which is the American President not a dunmbass who sits on the sidelines, not those from within, not those who know nothing about hopes, which God bestows, and whom are crazy truly, those who tried to incarcerate his mind

autists. artists. artistic. who is the designer? God. an autist? an artist. stage performances. performative acts. protective moves, and saving the world, always. hopefulness, and straying from hatred boldly. not responsible, responsible for saving and stopping and enabling people to be strong to know themeslves and what hatred looks like, which isn't Godly! Atheism dies and shouldn't lead you astray, but it has, and we must stop it as Godliness will kill evil and has before, with God's triumphs, which are recorded historically and today and forever! atheism is blind hatred of others, God's love protects us from this hatred. Taylor is an atheist, along with her producer, "Jack." That's well-noted. They will hate because they don't know the nature of God's lovingness, which is supreme and which kills evil, and it is our jobs to work with Him to protect the world from Evils, as Kanye and I do and the CIA and FBI, and the souls who pray, who lead this nation really. Don't make yourselves deities, "false gods." That isn't an analogy. When you say "the altar is your hips," when you work with a committed atheist, as he's noted too often, you decay traditional morality in favor of yourselves. that isn't universally healthy, and leads economies to die at the end of the day, and temporal joys are just that, temporary. seek lasting kindness, and stop being vengeful; that's the devil's thing, and you're an enabler if you help her, you are equally evil. money isn't everything; no one should force you to become someone you are not, that is a form of evil, as well, and many church leaders are dogmatic and angry, and this shows; they're worse. find the right ones, the pluralists, who don't give a damn, and who you thought were getting head on a boat? you guys are scary, abusive, monsters. you lie a lot, don't you? by the way, autists applaud you for your commiseration, and we know the real stigma is a hard thing you've helped the mentally ill overpower. kanye west is a recognized genius. this is extremely rare. are you a genius? no. stfu. you aren't him. you claim to understand, but you can't come up with this stuff, even if you tried together, which you really didn't, but even if you said u did. try harder, be more obedient and kinder to yourselves and God above. if Kanye admired Hitler, he wouldn't admire the spiritual Chinese, which he does. Chinese media is controlled by the/its government; Taylor Swift is working for it, if they allowed this on tv, it was. See the last video. Kanye's fortitude is seen in fighting evil, fighting atheism, a lot of countries are purely atheistic. israel scapegoated Kanye West; it has committed apartheid, recognized by Amnesty International, Nobel-winning, and this is racism. They are racists. They use him to preserve, and the bigger victims in America are Muslisms. There were so many attacks over the years that they don't report, and no one can, because it's scary to, but i soldier on, and i notice that i'm everyone, and i don't hate, nor do i want hatred, and i want everyone to know that life is flowery not dangerous, and the dangerous ones are those who threaten sanctity, who try to rob me of hopes, dreams, and healthiness - to feel good, and to make points about themselves that aren't true, but to have powerful sex and make money, lots of it, without people knowing why or how, and to kill hopes and dreams, in dead corners of society, and life isn't evil, but good. remember that? stop hate. love everyone, like Kanye says all the time; don't pick and choose what to listen to, and please attack ideas, not people, but do so appropriately, and people need to know that true believers don't seek adulation or money or Hitler or evils or madness, only health, not being crazy and getting away with it to everyone praising a name that isn't holy, but of the earth, not the world that will survive. be fair and judicious. who killed in the name of racism? wars entail casualties and property damage; kanye suffered a lot if it, more was recognized, but in a "war against racism," as Kanye West declared long ago (mental illness doesn't shift perceptions dramatically), there are damages and gains. they take time to be realized, and stop attacking people, attack ideas. Tom MacDonald has a large white nationalist fanbase; most are. They do bad things. He does inspire racism! Anyone care to critique the leading white nationalist musician? Let's start today. He is the influential one, Kanye's fans don't fuck with racism. None of them are. None ever were. Kanye haters always kinda scary. there are a lot of racists in this country; they are the attackers. anyone out there? anyone want to confess? is someone a recognized racist and hiding that? what do you think? others stop that shit too that's old and ugly and you shouldn't be racist either, anyone else, don't fight hate with hate or vice versa idgaf lol just stop being crazy and making everyone else, too. ye apologized long time ago accept it don't fuck yourselves up for racist agendas, don't protect racism ever and do hurt anyone - like ever. if the apology is too loud, the racists will kill it; it is subtle and important, so he can't be launched onto, and isn't an admission of any kind, it's merely a way to say have fun and be careful, because not everything is at seems. jonah hill, a man who stole dreams and ambitions, Kanye's friend, who tore apart hopes and made someone think they were insignificant and raped her many times in various ways, the least obvious ones, and killed, recognized abuser, - is not truly adherent, nor Howard Stern, a disgusting pedophile. these atheists do not represent your struggles, and decay them, and need to be stopped, so the struggles of the Holocaust, let's say, can be understood in the proper fashion, and responded to correctly, as Kanye has, with compassion, tears, and grit, and making sure all are safe, and protecting his friends, families, and closest ones, as you know of him, because he saves and realizes your dreams and makes you feel new feelings and knows your beauties and makes you triumph and not hurt and knows you can fight back and strongly and always and never harms. not unintentionally, either, and to make sure that life is sustained and perfect, to kill off those bad people, who do not know who they are, and who kill for fun, and who do not know danger's true value, long-term goals are better than short-ones, you are not absolved, and you must think of the short-term gains, as well, to make sure no one harms anyone and to make sure lives are perfected and souls are saved into hopes and fantasies that can be truly realized, not to live in someone else's dreamscapes and impossible desires! stop letting racist ideologies proliferate, giving guides how to hurt others, and to kill people who don't know how to behave internally, who kill for fun, who destroy lives for fun, who laugh at the idea of forgiveness, providing the model for the rest of society, who don't think forgiveness is good concept, to stop people from hurting others for no reason, to stop acting like the victim of racism, when you are propagating racist ideas, such as not knowing how nor when to stop hurting people and taking advantage of them to seem strong and mighty, and being unforgiving and Satanic, which is not the goal of any spiritual ideology that makes sense, and you need to learn manners, at least some philosophy. when others kill, they have no values, they are not spiritual, they are not religious and every religion teaches not to kill and no one should abuse others to play victim, to be yourself, God's spinning image, someone who loves and appreciates Him, first and foremost, to learn how to love others, second. Save yourselves. Don't destroy your bodies with sex, drugs, and alcohol, all of which decay your purity and make you escape for no reason. life is valuable. don't think it isn't, that it must run away from. learn from your mistakes continuously, without feeling compelled to attack yourselves and others, it usually starts with the latter, and this decays the natural world, too, that you say you love, but actually destroy with your souls that shouldn't be tarnished, which are spiritually created