i would say you're currently under threat by a group that claim to know, saying they know, but don't; as such, do not contact: people in fashion, people in sports, people in name-dropping business, and people who claim (like people who take ownership by force, typically using the word "aggressive," replacing it interchangeably with "terrorist leaner," lean is a bad drink, popular amongst bad crowds, and alcoholism falls responsibility of the one who initially chooses to start


.it is apparent that the fashion empire was corrupted by one individual, all fashion companies destroying life and hope, and making people slave to servitude and discomfort; such individuals typically work for no reason, to kill for fun; people like mike amiri are not real, they are transparent; the splattering of the name indicates oddness, but not strangeness, suggesting this brand founder is indeed not a founder, like a truly Spiritual sort, but one whom or who enslaves, and makes someone do something, typically ordered by a sexual abuser, of the same kind; this same kind of thing happens often with "worst of the world" subjects, like Taylor Swift, who is "the best of the world," so it's confusing - but not confusing enough, to know that hatred is real, and those who support nonsensical hatred, harm, harass, and punish at free will, ruining intentionally and working against, of course, and not with - continously trying cheap overthrows, often abusing real victims, just the same as described, using more heavy-handed and sworded tactics; those who know would say this organization is functionally terrroristic abrasive, threatening, and always blame-shifting, typically to those who are the victims, incrimninating people for fun - and blaming the people they try to overthrow using fake victims

Viva France, indeed, monsieur and bint halwa awee - she's amoora :)

person is person not a toy, and please be aware that human trafficking means a lot to me, so much so in fact that hatred is real right now but i don't partake in it, because it's not my thing, like puitting victims' Soulful emotional responses in a jar to harm and directly injure other current victims, and hide them, but where? are you hiding are you hiding where are you hiding them r u ok, because I can help, I've always new missionary trips, and i think this is particuarly important; do you have is not a way to greet someone it has money and ownership written all over it, like somewhere with literal slaves, and slavery is so archaic, that you'll need to be stopped entirely

the connections from there might extend here, and elsewhere, involving White Nationalism 

to classify as torture at the United Nations, it is prudent to know Enhanced Interrogation is CIA "torture" Program

don't "torture" United Nations, that's why there's United Kingdom (no Hello Kitty is popular among kids here, not adults, and anime among adults there)

if i wrote "dickhead rock star on a t-shirt" on a sweater would you buy it, or buy me? i think something going on, like it's fake, but real; like it's a fake brand, but a real entity (meaning, i'm using your name, but it's not you.) similarly, there is a group called hater, like h-a-t-e-r which means nothing because it's segmented, like a centipede and a millipede, using prefixes is not a means of describing a person.