too much, too little; what do you think is too muceh? is too little enough? when is enough enough? thank you

it doesn't appear that anyone's doing anything in a concerted fashion, some of vital branches are too scared, threatened similarly, then

if hatred was real, then what isn't if if isn't a real word if it ifs and whys proper doing of things gets in the way sometimes

Surviving Suicide Entails Surviving Homicide (as suicide is a term for homicide, but the term homicide is not appropriate, and can be bettered in this applicatioin: self-cide, just

if you reach out, and if you even receive a response, it could be the same folk(s)s(s)

"High Value Victims" to monetize it, but money is paper, paper that can be used For Spirituality (The Doing of Spirituality), but it is still nothing, rubbish

it's possible the torture victim's may have been compromised, so if you've tried to reach, possibly information garnered that way, but spoofing is real too, of e-mail (as described here)

they won't believe you

you're crazy you're mad. you'll get the FBI involved (not sure if i should abbreviate my coloration(s)s

you're crazy you're mad you'll get the FBI involved but mad doesn't mean that, it's the way they put it, so whom put what where (and why are you so angry?)

where does anger carry, and i think you NEED help, no they do, yes they do

which governor is scarier: governor whitmore or governor whitesauce


*that was a guessed-to-be-helpful-to-be-necessary-addendum*

was he roped in an armed robbery, who was responsible

*isn't that true of any paranthetical phrase, and grammar like is ( really necessarily paranthetical, or can it adopt meaning, and can meaning be redefined Dynamically, Spiritually

Dr. Minh Nguyen, Philsophically not too aggresssive, but knew philosopichal discourse artistically

Dr. Curtis Franks, his associate knows

where'd that old Medical bBoard guy go

are you with an abuser, don't yourself, he's gonna kill you, kind of tricks invovled too

he is Marilyn Manson

yeah i had a blast on that trip