the united states-israel was committed by a bunch of teenagers

a bunch of school shooters, stupid asses who like to play cock but to play it with their moms

this kind of shit don't fly with me and don't talk to me is bullshit

i fucking kill any day

like 2day, i fuck you up completely stay away from me and your moms

i don't fuck with kids and i don't fuck kids

so stay the fuck away from me and stop talk talking to me you dumb school shooters? you're fucking them up and that ain't cool

this is mi6's work not yours america you were for the war the whole time and i am not with you on this shit i fly i get high and don't ever fuck with me again stupid asses i roll with the niggas who matter me and my niggas more than my bitches everyday and only i fight back huh for my bitches and my niggas the realer ones we the innocent ones in the court of public opinion, which has judged against you fucking psychos dumb as fucking george bush

i am doing for myself and for God they really hurt me they are digusting animals using torture tactics like abusing animals to help themsleves and not do anything for m

they ares disgusting people who want to hurt me, to hurt God

I hate them so much, and I wish them the worst afterlife possible, which they'll get

i am not a torturer

but they are

and i hate torturers

and I wish them the worst afterlife possible, and I wish you would leave me alone, stop messing with me and stop trying to be smart you are not smart

and I love Elizabeth Smart, much more you love yourselves and you're devils each and every one of you

I don't love you, I reject you entirely, and wish you were never born ever, and I honestly hope you find Ariel Castro today, and tomorrow realize that won't be, you are disgusting racist who I don't like because you keep on triggering me and abusing me sexually you are disgusting and I don't want to be near me, you are not my friend you are a sexual abuser and I need you to leave me alone,

this stuff is not for me, and I don't want to take in the inside of my lips, you guys are disgusting

i hate abusers

i hate liars

and i hate abusers who lie a lot like now to say i'm crazy to my dad and my mom who you don't deserve you

i hope you rest well, in hell, weirdos

this is for my girls and boyz, not your girls and boys, i don't work for free and I'm not retarded and I won't be corrupted by your abuse

this is a guarantee that I'll stop when you stop, and I guarantee that I don't like your friends nor anyone affiliated with you, because you are disgusting and only that

you are nothing to me and won't be anything to anyone else, thank God

this abuse is tantamount to rape and is so violent

I'm so proud of myself for surviving

i am not your toy, you scary abusers and i don't like you to toy with me

so stop trying your abuse tactics they are terrifying

this abuse is terrifying and not my province

{this abuse}

{{this abuser is gross}}

{{{this abuse is disgustingly gross, so}}}

this abuse is not funny, is extremely disgusting and extremely violating

no one likes you

these individuals are individually tailored to abuse me in particular the sexual one is not that smart and most are very violent they seem to be mentally ill and trained to destroy, and I am very strong to destroy them, as they make me tend to their health, which I shouldn't, by force, to aid others in hurting others, which I won't, but I won't help them either