i don't write poorly i write well and clearly in English but you know that spies are criminals and i'm not one and never will b but you seem to harm because of prejudices and you abuse language and twist words for some queer reason, perhaps it's that you hate truth and justice and reality. you are a racist

the medical board of california does not suspend licenses of sexual assaulters

they let them practice psychiatry

if that's not evil, i don't know what is

it is not safe getting medical treatment in california. it is not far and between. you can be raped, and the investigation might or might not be conducted, and you might get hurt by even contacting unprofessionals working there.

it is not a safe environment.

doctors can intentionally misprescribe lethal medications

doctors can intentionally misdiagnose

your doctor can emotionally assault you regularly and you can be subject to narcissistic abuse

they do not give a damn.  $

psychiatrists do not spend all that time and money on UCLA medical school to help you. if they wanted to help, they'd become members of society and charitable organizations.

they do it for money. and power.

abuse of power is disgusting

a lot of powerful people are narcissists, not all, but some.

be wary of the california medical board and the doctors it employs. if they don't give a damn about them, they won't give a damn about you and they can kill you in all sorts of ways

it is mass murder basically

angels of death will kill you and your blood will be conveniently drunk, you ignored at will and your secrets shared with people you don't even know

this is sheer evil

and then trickery.

the medical board know about an abuser.

they will wait.

they will abuse as well. verbally assault you, and lie and trick too

do not trust this group with your secrets, either

they enable abuse

dr will practice

a lot will be ignored and people will be taken advantage of

not everyone has the same colored heart, one that fights to kill racism. coalition against marrying fobs, with pictures, mrs. zayat?

i obviously don't do things for money, only ameliorating society's evil in clear and new ways that are easily decipherable to my audience

damn those were a lot of racist comments (they were there until...?)

Among the limitations that the Board placed on his practice was a prohibition against accepting any new female patients for treatment.    

On February 18, 2021, the Board published an Accusation against Kiriakos for sexual misconduct and other violations involving a 29-year-old female patient identified as “Patient 1.”

The Accusation states that Kiriakos continued to see and treat the patient even after he was aware of both the patient’s romantic/sexual attraction toward him and his own such attraction toward her. He additionally continued to see the patient even after he had referred her to another therapist.

During a video treatment session, Kiriakos asked the patient to show him her breasts. In another instance, he told the patient he’d like to ejaculate on her. 

During an in-person session, Kiriakos unzipped the Patient’s dress and engaged in contact which, while not strictly sexual (e.g. intercourse), was nonetheless sexual in nature. (This occurred on the day before his pregnant wife gave birth.)